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The Ultimate "Fun-Filled" Safety Game to take your family securely into the New Millennium!

The most important lesson you will ever teach your child is now available to caring parents as an enlightening board game for 2 to 4 players. Parents everywhere are concerned with teaching their children how to stay safe, make the right choices and come home each day happy and whole. Parents, grandparents and teachers will greatly appreciate the board game that teaches vital safety lessons in child protection. This game also encourages families to spend quality time together while preventing an amber alert close to home.

Follow Your Heart...Get Street Smart™ is a fun-filled, educational/safety game designed for ages 6 to 12. It also greatly benefits children in older age groups. Your child can only benefit from a game that encourages communication, friendly competition and helps to develop critical decision-making skills. This one of a kind board game is a must have for your peace of mind. You cannot afford to be without it!

The Objective: Leave from home to one of four destinations and return to "Home Sweet Home" SAFELY. There are four places and/or destinations that one may travel: playground, mall, school, playmate's house. In order to make the trip without being delayed, you must correctly answer a series of questions. Correct answers are highlighted with the category color. The player who returns home first with the correct answers is the winner!

Contents: Game board, Instruction Sheet, Color-coded cards 100 (25 per category), 8 Blank cards (2 per category) to add your own questions, Color-coded playing pieces (4), Numbered Die, Winner's Record Sheet, Certificate of Achievement, Game Set-up & Rules are enclosed.

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