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Knee-rider Danoco Corporation

Hill City, MN

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About Knee-rider Danoco Corporation

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Product added on: 2/6/2006

The high tech version of an old fashion horsey ride. Imagine a soft, cuddly, plush pony that you simply attach on your knee with two Velcro straps, set child on your knee, bounce and the adventure begins. Touch the back of your Knee-Riders head to hear real pony sounds! At the end of your adventure simply replace play time custom fit pillow for hours of companionship. Child can use pony as a seat on the floor, as a pillow to watch TV, or to have as a bedtime friend.

The Danoco Corporation was formed in 1988 for the purpose of marketing Knee-Rider. The name Danoco came from the inventor, Dan Olson, who invented the first plush Knee-Rider type toy back in 1974 for his 2 year old son. We applied for a patent in 1988, and was awarded one in 1991. We went on to test market our Knee-Rider in Wal-Mart stores and did very well! We wanted to be the first company to introduce a child/adult interactive plush toy and we were!

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