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Flying Monkey LLC was founded to develop and deliver great toys to inspire kids to learn more about science and the world they live in. Evolvems is our debut brand that combines innovative toy design with engaging online content to provide kids ages 7 and up with opportunities to explore and understand evolution and related sciences. Evolvems, evolutionary transforming plush toys, bring the process of evolution to life.

Each toy in the Evolvems line is actually two toys in one! At first it looks like a normal animal or dino plush toy. But unzip and flip, and you have just transformed the toy into a totally new creature! Each Evolvems toy represents two real animals that are related but separated by tens or hundreds of millions of years of evolution. Kids will love being transported back through time to experience these amazing creatures.

Evolvems toys are the perfect gift for the kid who loves animals, dinosaurs and science.

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