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--Our main product line focuses on the Toy Business. We manufacture and ship goods directly from over seas as well domestically. Our Toy products cross a wide range of age brackets and are positioned to both boys and girls. We also have specific products positioned for the spring and summer time frame as well as seasonal items such as Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Under the Innovative Time Corporation we manufacture watches targeted to all age groups from preschool age to fashion watches.

--Minimum order quantities depend greatly on if the products are being directly imported by the customer or if the customer is buying products domestically. It is mainly on a case by case basis.

--Our Trade name is Trendmasters for our Toy and Seasonal product lines. A few examples of the types of toys we manufacture are as follows. Powerpuff girls licensed toys, C-Pets, Maximum Speed, Rumble Robots, Austin Powers licensed toys. I can provide you with further product information via a phone call or an in person meeting.

Trendmasters Inc primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Licensed Products

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611 N. 10th St. St. Louis MO 63101
Tel: 314-231-2250
Fax: 314-231-1810
Toll Free: 800-648-2250

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