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Invention Guide

Think the sky's the limit for your great idea?

Here's a "heads up": Invention promotion firms may promise more than they can deliver. Watch for:

  • Upfront Fees. Reputable invention promotion firms don't charge high fees in advance for their services.
  • Rave Reviews. Scam artists tell everyone their idea is a sure-fire money-maker. The evaluations are flattering, but hardly ever realistic.
  • Pushy Promoters. Just because an idea is "patentable" doesn't mean it's going to make you $. Think before you invest in the patent process.
  • Pie in the Sky Expectations. Your family and friends may love your idea, but that doesn't guarantee that everyone else will. More than 99 percent of new ideas and products never make any money for their inventors.
  • Doing it on Your Own. You must have the time and the knowledge needed  to successfully patent and eventually market your great idea.  There are many honest promotional firms that can help you with the process.  Do your research and success will come---don't give up; persevere but be realistic.

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