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Jungle Fever: OWI’s Newest Robot Creation Goes Back to Nature 
By Jeremy Loudenback
January 1, 2003

Jungle Robot from OWI

OWI’s newest creation, the Jungle Robot, gives kids the opportunity to explore the expanding world of robotics via nature’s design. Following in the animatronic footsteps of OWI products like the Weasel Robot and the Air Zinger, Jungle Robot was selected as one of the year’s 100 Best Children’s Toys of 2002 according to the Institute for Childhood Resources.

Using a condenser microphone and printed circuit board, the Jungle Robot is responsive to voice command for multi-functions. A call of “Wake Up!” will rouse the robot from its sleep and cause it to prance around, hand-over-hand like a monkey, or crawling on its haunches like a gorilla. After a pre-set time, the Jungle Robot will cease his wanderings and await either another vocal command or a high-pitched sound or vibration for direction.

The battery controlled Jungle Robot kit is a Beginner Series robot designed to teach younger ages the basic principles and possibilities of robotic sensing, electronics, gears and locomotion. The pre-assembled printed circuit board and hardware/mechanical drive system can be used with ease by kids ages 10 and beyond. Construction is limited to basic hand tools.

The Jungle Robot retails at just $19.95. Look for other machine creations at owirobot.com.



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