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Talk to the Hand: Morphing Marty and Maggie Keep it Fresh
By Jodi M. Webb
January 1, 2003

Morphing Maggie™ Hand Puppet

Manhattan Toy has won many awards for their children’s puppets, and now they’ve improved on an old favorite: Morphing Marty. Besides giving Marty a face-lift with new brighter colors, they’ve also introduced a new friend for him called, appropriately, Morphing Maggie. Morphing Marty is a basic hand puppet of approximately 8”, but what makes him special are the twenty pieces included that can be used to transform him into almost anything your child can imagine. The additions, easily attached using Velcro, include both predictable body parts such as eyes, noses and mouths, and open-ended pieces that can be used in a multitude of ways: horns, sunglasses, hats and more. Because of their detachable parts, Morphing Marty and Maggie are recommended for ages three and up.

But as a traditional puppet, without its small parts, this brightly colored toy offers a wonderful opportunity for new parents to interact with their infant-- growing with a toddler as parents use its attachable pieces to help their child recognize different body parts. When children become adept at manipulating the puppet, it can become a new friend whose appearance changes with the child’s imagination. Morphing Marty and Maggie are ideal travel toys--just the right size to toss in a diaper bag or glove compartment, to be called upon on days when tiresome errands stretch your child’s good behavior to its limit. By changing its appearance as easily as a child changes moods, Morphing Marty is a toy likely to earn its keep.



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