Not Your Father’s Yo-Yos
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July 2003 | Vol. II - No. 7

July 2003 | Vol. II - No. 7 TDmonthly SEARCH

The Brass Ring

Not Your Father’s Yo-Yos

John Marcantonio
At Yomega Corp., the company’s in-house team of engineers is focused on creating the next wave of yo-yos to satisfy enthusiasts worldwide. John Marcantonio, marketing director at Yomega, started with the company “during the yo-yo boom in 1998,” when these timeless toys (They’ve actually been around since the 1930s.) were the No 1 sellers in the industry—with Yomega’s products leading the pack. The company has had high-profile licensing deals in the past with brand giants McDonald’s and Kool Aid, and this month Yomega will extend its Skill Toys line with the release of a new bat and ball game endorsed by Cal Ripken, Ripken Quickball.

Yomega Celebrates 20 Years

Brain™, Fireball™ and Raider™ yo-yos

Yomega has been around since 1983 and will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary. The company was founded by President and CEO Alan Amaral and is the leader in high performance Yo-Yos and Skill Toys, with distribution in all the major world marketplaces. The corporate philosophy is focused on reinventing and improving traditional toys through innovation. With this focus, Yomega has created some of the world’s best selling toys – especially our Brain™, Fireball™ and Raider™ yo-yos. These popular products incorporate special mechanics that give these yo-yos the ability to outperform the more traditional version of the toy.

Ripken Quickball

High Performance Fun

Of all of its skill toys, Yomega is most known for its line of high performance Yo-Yos, [which] have been some of the best selling toys in the world because of their special abilities and innovative engineering. Our Brain™ yo-yo contains a centrifugal clutch that allows the yo-yo to return automatically. Additionally, our Fireball™ yo-yo contains a patented Transaxle system that allows for low friction and long spin times, and our Raider™ model yo-yo uses a roller bearing system to improve spin time and performance to levels never before thought possible.

Reaching the Retail Market

Yomega focuses its distribution in the specialty toy, hobby, and gift retail markets. We do not specifically target or market to the mass-market retailers. As for the end users, our products appeal to children between the ages of 8 and 15 years old, as well as some adults. The retail market is reached primarily through industry trade shows, sales reps, and other direct marketing programs. Yomega also reaches the target audience by involving itself in large partnered promotions, world and national competitions, timely advertising campaigns, and use of the Internet.

Yomega Outlook

The industry is currently strained by world economics, distribution disparity between the Mass and Specialty markets, and cost factors associated with materials, transport, and exhibiting in industry related trade shows such as Toy Fair. Our greatest concerns are the continued disparities between the Mass and Specialty Markets - especially factors such as costs, marketing reach and consumer preferences. Additional industry concerns primarily rest with continued ROI factors related to the cost of industry Toy Shows.




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