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Highly Suspect
By Jodi M. Webb
May 1, 2003

Highly Suspect

Game manufacturer HABA, well-known in Germany and throughout Europe, has only recently begun marketing its games in the United States, but the company is sure to delight American game lovers with its new board game, Highly Suspect.

Accommodating up to four players (ages six and up), the game has detectives scurrying about the board trying to capture a suspect and win a reward card. To accomplish this, players throw a die to determine their fate, but instead of moving their detective piece, players tilt the entire board as many times as shown on the die in order to move through the maze-like game design and closer to the suspect. The catch? Each tilt also moves the suspect and other detectives! It may take several games for players to master the skill of capturing the suspect while keeping the other detectives at bay. Because Highly Suspect doesn’t just rely on a throw of the die, it captures the attention of both children and adults.

At $34.99 Highly Suspect is priced higher than many other board games on shelves today, but instead of the flimsy cardboard and brittle plastic found in most board games, Highly Suspect has a high-quality fiber board and wooden play pieces that will last long enough to be passed on to the next generation. Like all HABA games, the game comes with several different versions that can vary the difficulty and length of the game.



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