Hey, Mom…We’re Out of Toothpaste: New Products Make Teeth-Brushing a Blast
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November 2003 | Vol. II - No. 11

November 2003 | Vol. II - No. 11 TDmonthly SEARCH

Hey, Mom…We’re Out of Toothpaste: New Products Make Teeth-Brushing a Blast

Stage 4 Oral-B Toothbrush
Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a lot easier when you offer them dental hygiene products they’ll love.

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha!

Dental care products have come a long way from plain toothbrush handles. Braun Oral-B offers a line of toothbrushes geared for different ages: Stage 1 Brushes are soft-bristled pastel-colored brushes for infants to 2 years (ergonomically designed for adults to brush their child's teeth); Stage 2 and Stage 3 Brushes (age 2-8) have chunky handles in bright colors, packaged in Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear and Disney princesses (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc.) designs; Stage 4 Brushes have bold color combinations that extend from handle to brush head.

Crest Astronaut Spinbrush Pro

Zoothbrush toothbrushes ($2--$6) have handles with a variety of familiar characters: Hotwheels, Barbie, Power Puff Girls, Scooby Doo, Tweety Bird, Tigger, and Taz. Its new line of Bob the Builder brushes have wavy handles shaped like Bob and one of his houses. Spiderman sits atop a giant red skyscraper handle, and Hello Kitty designs are just plain cute.

Crest Spinbrush Pro toothbrushes, however, have taken the colored toothbrush "one giant leap" forward, with a battery-powered toothbrush shaped like an astronaut ($5.99). The on/off switch is cleverly disguised as a button on the spacesuit. The company also makes powered toothbrushes in the shape of cellphones, racecars, mermaids, dophins and ice cream cones.

Mystery Musical Timer

Braun Oral-B’s Battery Toothbrushes ($15.99) feature bright battery bases with replaceable brush heads in Disney character designs. Their power toothbrushes ($39.99) come with a Mickey Mouse rechargeable base and replaceable brush heads imprinted with Disney characters. The Mystery Musical Timer plays one of 16 Disney favorites for one minute while kids brush their teeth, keeping them brushing for the right amount of time and leaving them eager to brush again and find out what tune will play next.

Character Brushes

Crocodile Creek's Toothbrush Holder with Timer ($12.50) is another fun way to make sure kids are brushing long enough. These holders come in flower, heart and animal shapes. Brushtime Bunny ($29.95) is a travel kit that includes floss, toothpaste, a rinse cup, and also comes with a built-in mirror. The kit itself also functions as a coin bank that plays a catchy little tune, "Brush, Brush, Brush."

Freddy Flossisaurus

Bugsy Malone

Finally, Zoo Animal Teaching Aids (ToyDirectory) brushing buddies puppets ($89.95) are quirky 15-inch animals that come with a full set of plastic chops and a toothbrush to brush them with. Freddy Flossisaurus, a purple dinosaur; and Bugsy Malone, a bug that’s too cute to swat, can help any child learn to brush and floss correctly.

Writer's Bio: The mother of two grown children (an artist and a musician), writer Janie Franz once was a radio announcer and did booking for a rock band.


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