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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 8/27/2007

"Art videos on the things kids love to draw"

Artragous Designs produces Easy2Draw with Cordi videos in DVD. With over 20 years of art and teaching background, Cordi makes it look easy and fun. Great music, animal video and fast paced, sequential, clear directions.

Artragous Designs has been marketing our drawing videos to educational and library markets for 4 years and now we've decided to open ourselves up to the gift and retail markets.

To do this we have decided to lower our prices so that we will retail for under $20. Our new SRP is $19.99.

Of course we are still a great choice for the education market, but now at an even better bargain!
Easy2Draw Dolphins & Reef Animals with Cordi
Easy2Draw Horses with Cordi
Our new DVD not only teaches drawing Ocean animals but expresses a deep respect for the Ocean and the creatures who live there, from beautiful dolphins, sharks, moray eels, turtles to sea horses, and clownfish. Almost 2 hours of beautiful video of the undersea, short lessons on the reef and extensive art lessons from easy layout to advanced techniques. Suitable for all ages from 8 years and up.

A percent of all sales goes to Dolphin Rescue organizations

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Drawing is easier when you can draw along with a real artist like Cordi! Easy 2 Draw Horses with Cordi is an easy to follow, step-by-step drawing video for horse lovers. It is filmed in an old barn with real horse models from little foals to beautiful stallions. It is ideal for beginners to intermediate artists. Special 'Pause and Draw' prompt shows students where to stop and catch up with the lesson. Great for self guided home or school use as well as classes or club settings. Spanish language track option. 64 min.

A percent of every sale goes to help American wild horses!

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Easy2Draw Dinos with Cordi
Easy2Draw with Cordi Videos
Artist and art specialist Cordi takes beginning and intermediate level students step-by-step through how to draw dinosaurs. From layout to shading and texture drawing is made simple using a 'Pause and Draw' prompt that tells kids when to stop and catch up with the artist. Actual models from the Pacific Science Center were used as well as live reptile models for eyes, skin ,texture, claws, etc. Extra lessons are available at the end and it includes a Spanish language option. 80 min.

A percent of all sales goes to the Pacific Science Center

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Easy2Draw with Cordi Videos are professionally shot with great footage of horses, undersea life or reptiles and dinosaur models. Lively music keeps things moving. We chose subjects we know kids love to draw, that way they learn while being totally engrossed.

With a DVD kids have the benefit of a real artist teaching them and they can rewind or pause at anytime to keep up. In fact we use a pause and draw prompt to encourage moving at one’s own pace.

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 8/27/2007
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