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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 10/1/2008

Qubits®, a True Construction Toy that is also an Educational Toy.

A typical kit contains 36 Qubits®, 36 Connectors and 18 Bridges. The structures can be very architectural, structural, and touch on basic concepts of geometry. A single Piece is known as a Qubit. Qubits is a modular element based on a triangle, which means it is something that can easily be reproduced and used to make much larger structures.

It is a safe, 100% Lead Free, easy to use, educational toy with Easy-Slide connectors between pieces that slip into place giving you the satisfaction of building strong structures just like Mother Nature.
Qubits Construction Toy - Junior 96-Piece Kit
This dynamic new entry into the toy industry is gaining popularity with teachers, professors and of course - construction fans all over the world. A simple plastic toy that can be built-up using a unique patented modular geometry. It quickly captures the imagination of those who might have visions of becoming architects, engineers, scientist or even nanotech designers.

Packaged in a clear reusable container, holding 96 construction pieces. Molded with high quality plastic featuring bendable pieces that allow curved shapes. A rainbow of color in every kit. The large foldout color instruction sheet gets your imagination started.

Qubits will help students understand the possibilities in rearranging nature's building blocks.

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"Qubits is an excellent constructional toy which will develop not only hands-on expertise in small children but also a keen awareness of shapes, patterns as well as engineering structures. These are essential abilities that children must learn if they are to have an intimate awareness of the devices that abound in this highly technical age" — Sir Harold (Harry) Kroto - 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry - Discovery of Buckyball C60 molecule

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As a parent, how would you feel if you arrived home to find this on your kitchen table? How would your child or student feel? Extreme satisfaction comes from the easy to construct, symmetrical, colorful structures that are common place with the Qubits® Construction Toy.

Mix this building system with any other building system you already own or better yet create the buildings, fortresses and space stations for your action figures. Good old fashioned fun, soft plastic parts that have been tested for safety.

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Create structures that stand on end, or roll across terrain. Easy slide connectors allow for durable structures that can be altered or added onto. 1 kit creates nice structures, two kits are even better. Watch your customers come back for more.

Robotics clubs can explore the use of the structures for class projects, science classes can build shapes like this one which relates very closely to the latest discovery Boron Tubes and Spheres. Nanotechnology concepts covered are, topology, symmetry, modular elements and strength of materials.

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 10/1/2008
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