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Want to know what your favorite specialty vendors are up to in 2007? See them demonstrate their newest games and toys by clicking on the videos below. Manufacturers from the American International Toy Fair in New York and the WTHRA Show in Pomona, Calif., are organized by category.


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ARTS AND CRAFTS back to top

Action Products Curiosity Kits: Savvy Sash and Jeweled Jeans, Hip Hip Chain demonstrated by Kim R. (3/2/07) Watch Video
Bead Bazaar/Kid Journeys Teeny Medley and Bead Bags demonstrated by Shanna Denhuup (3/22/07) Watch Video
Faber-Castell Foam Craft Workshop demonstrated by Marcia Harris (3/22/07) Watch Video
Fliptomania Flipbook Kits demonstrated by Mark Weissberg (3/22/07) Watch Video
GeeGuides geeART16 Interactive Art Education demonstrated by Wayne Sabbak (3/22/07) Watch Video
Levy Design & Manufacturing Make n' Play Kits demonstrated by Josh Levy (3/2/07) Watch Video
Made by Hands Thank You Notes demonstrated by Dena Hirschberg (2/21/07) Watch Video
MK and Company TimberKits demonstrated by Brian Ledig (3/2/07) Watch Video
RC Art
RC Color Bugs demonstrated by Gwen Austin Yuffa (2/21/07) Watch Video
Scratch Art Scratch N' Fashion demonstrated by Debbie Loeser (2/26/07) Watch Video
Scribble Mats Scribble Mats demonstrated by Anne Segan (2/26/07) Watch Video

BOOKS, CARDS, CDS, DVDS back to top

Brain Candy Videos: See, Touch and Music CDs demonstrated by Sam Reich-Dagnen (3/2/07) Watch Video
Dover Princess Leonora Line demonstrated by Paul Nogni (3/2/07) Watch Video
KidsGive Dolls and Books demonstrated by Laura M. Rangel (2/26/07) Watch Video
Paradise Press Sound Books demonstrated by Russ Elgart (2/26/07) Watch Video
Pinx Masquerade - Card and Mask in one! demonstrated by Ricky Goodman (3/22/07) Watch Video
Putumayo Animal Playground demonstrated by Shana Kirsch (3/2/07) Watch Video
Sara Jordan Publishing Bilingual Songs demonstrated by Sara Jordan (3/2/07) Watch Video
Silver Dolphin Let's Start Art! demonstrated by Lynn Brennan (3/2/07) Watch Video
Wai Lana Fun Songs Book demonstrated by Richard Belford (3/2/07) Watch Video

CARS, ROBOTS back to top

Automoblox Automoblox Minis demonstrated by Joe Barrett (3/22/07) Watch Video
Carrera Digital 132 System (2/23/07) Watch Video
Dynatech Action H Bot demonstrated by Evert Weenink (2/26/07) Watch Video
OWI Inc. Solar Bots (3/2/07) Watch Video


Beantown Toys
The Beans: Collection DX demonstrated by Matt Doughty with Marc Beaudette (2/23/07) Watch Video
Caboodle! Toys Noah's Pals demonstrated by Steve King (2/26/07) Watch Video
Corgi Light Sabers (2/26/07) Watch Video
Enchantmints Carousel Music Box demonstrated by Bob Soriano (3/15/07) Watch Video
Motorhead Minis Mechanics and Gangsters demonstrated by Drew Heitner (2/23/07) Watch Video
Safari Once Upon a Time demonstrated by Ramona Pariente (2/26/07) Watch Video
Safari Porcelain Pals demonstrated by Lisseet Paez (3/22/07) Watch Video
Safari Swashbuckler Pirate Collection demonstrated by Ramona Pariente (2/26/07) Watch Video
UNKL Unipo Figures demonstrated by Leah Preston (3/2/07) Watch Video
World of Miniature Bears 1-Inch Ultra Suede Jointed Bears demonstrated by Chris Nimeth (3/22/07) Watch Video

CONSTRUCTION back to top

AquaStruct AquaStruct demonstrated by Jim Phipps with David Phipps (2/26/07) Watch Video
Curious Toys Dragon Bonz demonstrated by Susan Holden (2/26/07) Watch Video
Fat Brain Toys Dado Cubes demonstrated by John Batchfar (2/26/07) Watch Video
HaPe Marble Run (2/23/07) Watch Video
Imagination Jumpstart Panelos demonstrated by Mike Fisher (3/2/07) Watch Video
Kapla Kapla Blocks demonstrated by Ben Takemori (3/2/07) Watch Video
Lockmade Konstruk-Tubes demonstrated by Keith Lock (2/21/07) Watch Video
Plastic Play i-Gami demonstrated by Boaz Axelrad (3/2/07) Watch Video
Q-BA-MAZE Inc. Q-BA-MAZE demonstrated by Andrew Comfort (3/22/07) Watch Video
River Dolphin Toys Fossilmorphs, Mountainmorphs, Farmmorphs demonstrated by Mark McFarland with Wayne Ferrebee (2/23/07) Watch Video
Stack & Stick
Stack & Stick demonstrated by Andrew Peters (3/15/07) Watch Video
The Happy Kid Company Fortamajig demonstrated by Kristen Stocking with Katherine Huck (3/2/07) Watch Video
Uberstix UberBots demonstrated by Dane Scarborough (3/15/07) Watch Video

DOLLS back to top

Alexander Doll Company Desperate Housewives demonstrated by Glenda Beltran with Lindsay Sargent (2/23/07) Watch Video
Alexander Doll Company Wicked demonstrated by Glenda Beltran with Lindsay Sargent (2/23/07) Watch Video
Alexander Doll Company Sweet Baby Nursery demonstrated by Glenda Beltran with Lindsay Sargent (2/23/07) Watch Video
Bleeding Edge Atara Inferno 7" Figures demonstrated by Steve Varner (2/23/07) Watch Video
Bleeding Edge Rebecca's Realm plush and accessories demonstrated by Steve Varner (3/15/07) Watch Video
Charisma Penny Brite reproduction doll (3/22/07) Watch Video
Corolle Lea demonstrated by Catherine Petot (3/2/07) Watch Video
Corolle Pink Melody plush doll demonstrated by Linda Breller (3/22/07) Watch Video
Duck House Becky the Bubble Blower demonstrated by Walter Chen (2/26/07) Watch Video
Europlay Kathe Kruse - KeeKoo Doll demonstrated by Rex Tompkins (3/15/07) Watch Video
Fanny's Play House Nighty Night Dolls demonstrated by Fanny Wong (3/5/07) Watch Video
Fulanitos Ciela Plush Doll demonstrated by Albert Rose (3/22/07) Watch Video
Horsman Ltd.
Cindy and Renee Fashion Doll demonstrated by Dorinda Balanecki (2/23/07) Watch Video
iToys Baby So Real demonstrated by George Irwin (2/26/07) Watch Video
Joovy Caboose demonstrated by Greg Gardner (2/26/07) Watch Video
Kat Jan Dolls demonstrated by Kathy Lennon and Janet Lennon (2/23/07) Watch Video
Marie Osmond Dolls Becoming Butterflies: Tranquility demonstrated by Lisa Hatch (3/2/07) Watch Video
Molly P. Originals Zoe, Wendi, Trevor demonstrated by Al Angel (2/26/07) Watch Video
Ohio Art Betty Spaghetti Doll demonstrated by Martin Killgallon (2/23/07) Watch Video
Only Hearts Club New Dolls, Horses and Stable demonstrated by Terri Maccarrone (3/15/07) Watch Video
Princess Zara Princess Zara Doll demonstrated by Zola Okpara and Victoria Crowder (2/23/07) Watch Video
The Doll Case Company Ball-Jointed Doll Case demonstrated by Linda Sawyer (3/15/07) Watch Video
Tonner Doll Company Mimzy demonstrated by Robert Tonner (2/26/07) Watch Video
Tonner Doll Company Super Heroines demonstrated by Robert Tonner (2/26/07) Watch Video

DRESS-UP back to top

Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Helmet and Jr. Jockey Suit demonstrated by Sean Schipper (2/21/07) Watch Video
Fairytale Fashion Princess Pinafores demonstrated by Susan Podshadley (2/23/07) Watch Video
Little Adventures Costumes for Boys demonstrated by Heather Granata (3/15/07) Watch Video

EDUCATIONAL back to top

All 4 Kidz Entertainment Life Lessons With Kids demonstrated by Robert Lewis (2/26/07) Watch Video
BEAR Enterprises LearningCents Bank demonstrated by Caryn C. Boxer (2/21/07) Watch Video
CMR Enterprises Choreminder demonstrated by Amber Davis (3/28/07) Watch Video
Kidini Safe Way Home demonstrated by Frank Flora and Mike Graves (2/26/07) Watch Video
Learning Resources Pretend and Play Gym Bag demonstrated by Mark Simchak (2/26/07) Watch Video
Leveractive Products Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby demonstrated by Tim Leverett (3/5/07) Watch Video
Little Partners Learning Tower demonstrated by Carol Gamble (3/2/07) Watch Video
Little Thunder Products My Throne Potty game demonstrated by Kimberly C. Silacci (3/2/07) Watch Video
Smart Neurons Story Logic Series demonstrated by Karen G. (3/2/07) Watch Video
Volangulary Volangulary demonstrated by Kevin Burrowes (2/26/07) Watch Video
VTech WizKid Learning System demonstrated by Laurie Honza (2/26/07) Watch Video

FURNITURE back to top

Guidecraft Major League Baseball Furniture demonstrated by Ira Kizner (3/15/07) Watch Video


3am Games It's Good to Be the King demonstrated by Don Bessinger (4/3/07) Watch Video
4J Enterprises Scum, the Card Game demonstrated by Kevin and Brent Johnson (3/22/07) Watch Video
Adler Productions Tee Off - The Card Game demonstrated by Marlys Adler (3/30/07) Watch Video
Anthony Innovations The Touch Game demonstrated by Adrian Anthony (2/23/07) Watch Video
APBA International APBA Pro Baseball Board Game demonstrated by Marc Rinaldi (3/30/07) Watch Video
Avatar Games Enterprises Mysticards demonstrated by Nathaniel Faith (4/3/07) Watch Video
Bananagrams Bananagrams demonstrated by Simon Mitchell, with Sandra Nathanson and Lynn Domingo (3/30/07) Watch Video
BiGA Games BiGA demonstrated by Igor Belykh (3/22/07) Watch Video
Birdcage Press Amazing Places Playing Cards demonstrated by Wenda O'Reilly (2/21/07) Watch Video
Bling Bling
Bling Bling demonstrated by Jeffrey Cahill and Stephan L. Jackson (3/5/07) Watch Video
Blongo Family Fun Blongoball demonstrated by Matthew Deutsch (2/19/07)
Watch Video
Blue Orange Froggy Boogie demonstrated by Adeline Bertrix (3/22/07) Watch Video
Blue Orange Bendomino demonstrated by Dwayne Wilson (2/26/07) Watch Video
Boxing Express Inc. Boxing's Greatest Championship demonstrated by Rahn G. Porter (3/30/07) Watch Video
Briarpatch Newton's Apple demonstrated by Mimi Stella and Doug Lory (2/26/07) Watch Video
Brighter Minds New DVD Games: Nancy Drew, Jurassic Park, etc. demonstrated by Randy Meredith (2/23/07) Watch Video
Buffalo Games Nacho Loco demonstrated by Chris Thorpe and Nick Adams (2/23/07) Watch Video
CHH Quality KO Labyrinth Puzzle demonstrated by Lillian Hsu (2/26/07) Watch Video
CMYKIDZ Seek and Find Game demonstrated by Marie Claude Poulin (2/21/07) Watch Video
Coin Hopping Games Coin Hopping – Washington D.C.™ demonstrated by Joan Cartier (3/5/07) Watch Video
Cranium Carnival Club House demonstrated by Lynette Finch with Jennifer Donahue (2/26/07) Watch Video
Crystal Caste Bone Dice demonstrated by K.G. Bowling (3/30/07) Watch Video
CSE Games Card Football Premiere Edition demonstrated by Fabio Del Rio (4/3/07) Watch Video
Dad's Ink Toads of Fun demonstrated by Theo Fiala (4/3/07) Watch Video
Daze Products Game Chamber demonstrated by Sherri Sklar (2/26/07) Watch Video
Decision Games D-Day demonstrated by Christopher Cummins (4/3/07) Watch Video
Duke Seifried Iraq the Game demonstrated by Brian Conley (4/4/07) Watch Video
Educational Insights Mr. Scrambles demonstrated by Kati Elliott (3/2/07) Watch Video
Educational Insights Color Scheme demonstrated by Ramon Callanta (4/3/07) Watch Video
Eel Inc. Rhyme-n-Tyme demonstrated by Denise Moore and Darlene Tate (3/2/07) Watch Video
Endless Games Hooked on Phonics Games demonstrated by Brian Turtle(2/26/07) Watch Video
Enginuity LLC Tongue Tanglers demonstrated by Andy Daniel (2/23/07) Watch Video
Evolving Toys Civil Lore! demonstrated by Geoffrey Moran (3/30/07) Watch Video
Face 2 Face Games Bucket Brigade demonstrated by Lawrence Whalen Jr. (4/3/07) Watch Video
Family Games Inside demonstrated by Yvan David (4/4/07) Watch Video
Family Games Silly Sticks demonstrated by Louis Poirier (2/26/07) Watch Video
Family Time Fun Dinner Games demonstrated by John Pandiscio (2/23/07) Watch Video
FanPro LLC Degenesis demonstrated by Rob Boyle (4/3/07) Watch Video
Fantasy Flight Inc. Penguin demonstrated by Daniel Clark (3/30/07) Watch Video
Front Porch Classics Wizard of Oz demonstrated by Steve Hart (2/26/07) Watch Video
Funmaker Games Mimic: Safari Edition demonstrated by Douglas Cook (3/30/07) Watch Video
Gale Force Nine
WizKids Pirates Collectible Card Game accessories demonstrated by Sean Sweigart (3/30/07) Watch Video
Games for the World The World Cup Game demonstrated by Shaun Derrick (3/30/07) Watch Video
Great American Puzzle Factory Namits demonstrated by Barbara Jerome (3/2/07) Watch Video
Gut Bustin' Games Redneck Life demonstrated by Lisa Steenson (3/30/07) Watch Video
Haba Castle demonstrated by Lea Culliton with Christian Vollmer (2/23/07) Watch Video
Idea Storm Yamodo demonstrated by Bill Phelps (2/26/07) Watch Video
Imagination Enterprise Deal or No Deal, Family Feud demonstrated by Dean Bolte with Celebrities Howie Mandel and John O'Hurley (3/5/07) Watch Video
Innoventions Khet Expansion Set demonstrated by Luke Hooper (2/21/07) Watch Video
J-Way Sneak A Peek: The Crossword Game demonstrated by Richard Jensen (3/30/07) Watch Video
Jax Sequence-States demonstrated by Barbara Olson with Bill Barrett (2/26/07) Watch Video
Karmel Games Equalz demonstrated by Dennis Klein (3/15/07) Watch Video
Kelmar Games Tricky Town demonstrated by Fernando Cipullo (3/15/07) Watch Video
Khepera Publishing Godsend Agenda demonstrated by Jerry Grayson (3/30/07) Watch Video
Koplow Games Crossword Game demonstrated by William Niebling (3/30/07) Watch Video
Mad Cave Bird Games ColorKu demonstrated by Cris Van Oosterum (3/30/07) Watch Video
Mayfair Games Shear Panic! demonstrated by Alex Yeager (3/30/07) Watch Video
McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds You've been Sentenced! demonstrated by Don McNeill (3/30/07) Watch Video
McWiz Games Metamorfo demonstrated by Bob McDuff (3/30/07) Watch Video
MegaChess Chess Bears demonstrated by William Palos (3/22/07) Watch Video
Mic-o-Mic Americas Lonpos 4D demonstrated by Tony Cross (3/30/07) Watch Video
Mic-o-Mic Americas Ultimate Pyramid demonstrated by Tony Cross (3/30/07) Watch Video
Mindtwister Pentago (3/22/07) Watch Video
New York Game Factory Gazootch demonstrated by Jeff Gross (2/23/07) Watch Video
Odysee Games Global Odysee demonstrated by Len Wicks (4/3/07) Watch Video
Out of the Box Games Cineplexity demonstrated by Matt Mariani with John Sams and Mark Osterhaus (2/26/07) Watch Video
Patch Products Shake Down demonstrated by Lisa Wuennemann (2/23/07) Watch Video
Patch Products Can-do Roo demonstrated by Barb Uebelacker (4/3/07) Watch Video
Peak-a-Boo Stuff Peak-a-Boo Bag demonstrated by Marcella Shumway (3/15/07) Watch Video
Plasmart Phlying Fish demonstrated by Tim Kimber (3/15/07) Watch Video
Playroom Entertainment Cosmic Cows demonstrated by Playroom Entertainment Eric Steiger (4/3/07) Watch Video
Poppo Poppo Game demonstrated by Mike Vien (3/2/07) Watch Video
Pressman Toy Ben 10 Total Transformation demonstrated by Brian McQuillan (3/30/07) Watch Video
Pressman Toys Tamagotchi Game demonstrated by Michael Hines (2/23/07) Watch Video
Puzzled Glow in the Dark Dino 3-D Puzzles demonstrated by Guy Cohen (3/22/07) Watch Video
R&R Games Inc. Take Your Best Shot demonstrated by Frank DiLorenzo (3/30/07) Watch Video
Rackham AT-43 demonstrated by Kurt Bundick (3/30/07) Watch Video
Rainbow Games Space Checkers demonstrated by James Muntz (2/23/07) Watch Video
Randomline Alphabet Squiggles on the Go demonstrated by John Kiely (2/21/07) Watch Video
Reno Puzzle Company Aqube 3-D Jigsaw Puzzle demonstrated by David Gaskill (3/30/07) Watch Video
Rex Games Idol Quest demonstrated by Ellen Roth (2/23/07) Watch Video
Rubbing Hands Capture the Gag demonstrated by Chris Friden (2/23/07) Watch Video
SAS Games Tivitz demonstrated by Steve Scully (3/2/07) Watch Video
Screen Life Scene It? demonstrated by Nancy Jenkins (2/26/07) Watch Video
Set Enterprises Triology demonstrated by Marsha Falco (4/3/07) Watch Video
Shadowstar Games Fantasy Imperium demonstrated by Mark O'Bannon (3/30/07) Watch Video
Shifting Skies Games High School Drama! demonstrated by Boyan Radakovich (3/30/07) Watch Video
Simtec Co. Carpet Bocce demonstrated by Linda Willrich with Jessica Ryan and Nikki Opel (3/30/07) Watch Video
Sling-a-Ring Sling-a-Ring demonstrated by Norman Smith (3/2/07) Watch Video
Snap TV Snap TV demonstrated by Jason Tenenbown (3/2/07) Watch Video
Spiraling Hearts Spiraling Hearts Yoga Games and Activities demonstrated by Katie Feldman (3/2/07) Watch Video
Spy Alley Partners Spy Alley, Simply Suspects demonstrated by Bill Stephenson (3/30/07) Watch Video
Techno Source Rubik's Revolution demonstrated by Eric Levin (3/2/07) Watch Video
The Power Sisters Inc. Playing the Field demonstrated by Amanda Brown (3/30/07) Watch Video
ThinkFun Hot Spot demonstrated by Emily Peters (2/23/07) Watch Video
ThinkFun Cover Your Tracks demonstrated by Chuck Barrow (3/15/07) Watch Video
Thumbprint Adventures Masterpieces demonstrated by Karen Halpern (3/2/07) Watch Video
Tippecanoe Lexogon demonstrated by John Tyler with Jeffrey Tyler (3/30/07) Watch Video
TLI Games Zing! demonstrated by Karen Young (2/21/07) Watch Video
Wiggity Bang Games Quelf demonstrated by Matthew Rivaldi (3/22/07) Watch Video
Wiggles 3D

Eye Know demonstrated by Don Reid (3/2/07)

Watch Video
Wizards of the Coast Dreamblade demonstrated by Brian Seligman (3/30/07) Watch Video
WizKids Star Wars demonstrated by Tony Rivera (4/3/07) Watch Video
WonderChess WonderGo demonstrated by Michel Alvarez (2/23/07) Watch Video
Wood Expressions Spectrum - Color Sudoku demonstrated by Ron Reyes (3/22/07) Watch Video
Wood Expressions Elvis Chess demonstrated by Ron Reyes (2/26/07) Watch Video
Word Blur Word Blur demonstrated by Geoff Girouard (3/30/07) Watch Video
Z-Man Games Ubongo demonstrated by Zev Shlasinger (2/23/07) Watch Video
Zipwhaa Inc. Marriage Material demonstrated by Don Moffett (3/30/07) Watch Video
Zobmondo Entertainment The Ladybug Game demonstrated by Stephanie Ring (3/30/07) Watch Video

GENERAL TOYS back to top

Babalu Felt Tales demonstrated by Jillian Leigh (2/26/07) Watch Video
Bojeux Tutti Frutti demonstrated by Tracey Ogston (2/19/07) Watch Video
Can You Imagine Limbo Electronic String demonstrated by Bob Lundquist with Steve Zuloff (2/23/07) Watch Video
Funrise Gazillion Bubbles demonstrated by Ryan Logan (3/2/07) Watch Video
HaPe Anamalz demonstrated by Cassidy Smith (3/22/07) Watch Video
Heros Toys
Train Table demonstrated by Marilyn Chalais (3/22/07) Watch Video
Imagiplay African Safari demonstrated by Barbara Aimes (2/21/07) Watch Video
Magnum Enterprises
Magnum 45 Wooden Pistol demonstrated by Dan Smith (3/15/07) Watch Video
Neat-Oh! Zip Bin Train demonstrated by Zaida Rendan (3/15/07) Watch Video
Peapod MP3 Player for Toddlers demonstrated by Dan Lemay (2/26/07) Watch Video
Playground Enterprises Danny First - Pirate Play Set demonstrated by Jeff Alward (3/22/07) Watch Video
Playhut E Z Twist Organizer (2/23/07) Watch Video
Playmobil Hospital demonstrated by Michelle Winfrey (2/23/07)
Watch Video
Sababa NBA Shooting Hoops demonstrated by Christopher Graham (3/2/07) Watch Video
Schoenhut Piano Company 44-Key Piano demonstrated by Renee Trinca and David Howells (2/23/07) Watch Video
Spin Master Toys
Moon Sand (3/22/07) Watch Video
Terrapin Toys Mary's Soft Dough demonstrated by Mary Newell (2/21/07) Watch Video
The Little Little Little Toy Company Wooden Trains demonstrated by Peter Reynolds (3/15/07) Watch Video
Whacky Music Boomwhackers demonstrated by Craig Ramsell and Ellen Foncannon (3/2/07) Watch Video
Yomega Power Brain XP Yo-Yo demonstrated by John Marcantonio (3/2/07) Watch Video

NOVELTIES back to top

Accoutrements Remote-Controlled Yodeling Lederhosen demonstrated by Heather Conrad (2/26/07) Watch Video
Bright Products Freaks of Nature demonstrated by Julio Plutt (3/22/07) Watch Video
California Creations Flingshot Monkey and Pig demonstrated by David Fisher (3/22/07) Watch Video
Hog Wild Temperature-Sensitive Faucet Light demonstrated by Owen Holder (3/22/07) Watch Video
Kamhi World The Simpsons Talking Pens and Shrek Talking Pens and Key Chains demonstrated by Cathy Kamhi (2/23/07) Watch Video
WeGlow International (Virginia Toy & Novelty)
Spiderman and Shrek Light-Up Wand demonstrated by Matt Smith (2/23/07) Watch Video
Uncle Milton Lightcast demonstrated by Frank Adler (2/23/07) Watch Video
U.S. Games Systems
Ball of Whacks demonstrated by Kathryn Cooper (3/22/07) Watch Video

PLUSH back to top

Aurora World Baby Talk: My Barnyard Friends demonstrated by Sean Hellenbrand (3/2/07) Watch Video
Aurora World Nature Babies demonstrated by Sean Hellenbrand (3/2/07) Watch Video
Banana Design Lab ChuChi Plush Night-Light demonstrated by Yury Gitman (3/2/07) Watch Video
Daydream Toys Beanstalks demonstrated by Gordon Haas (3/2/07) Watch Video
Faux Paw Productions I'm Gronk demonstrated by Debby Carman with Brian McDuffie (2/19/07) Watch Video
Fiesta Tum Tums demonstrated by Richard Hammond (2/26/07) Watch Video
Gund Plush Toys (3/22/07) Watch Video
Folkmanis Praying Mantis, Cat, Bunny Puppets (2/26/07) Watch Video
Greenestuff Hide-n-Seek Snoozy demonstrated by Rick Sadlowski (2/23/07) Watch Video
Kids Preferred Eric Carle Plush, Puppets and Pens demonstrated by Laura Perks (2/26/07) Watch Video
Kophinos MP3 Plush Speakers demonstrated by Dick Caladalle (2/26/07) Watch Video
Matter Group Xeko Eco Pals demonstrated by Amy Tucker (2/21/07) Watch Video
Myrtlewood Stable Bendable Horses demonstrated by Rob Bobinsky (3/22/07) Watch Video
Pretty Ugly New UglyDolls demonstrated by Alita Friedman (2/23/07) Watch Video
Small World Toys Rhyme Time Cat in the Hat and Grinch Electronic Plush demonstrated by Debra Fine (2/26/07) Watch Video
Stuff A Friend Pink Poodle demonstrated by Josh Livingston and David Socha (2/23/07) Watch Video
Teddy Bear Stuffers Three Stuffing Machines demonstrated by Stan Block with Annette Block (3/2/07) Watch Video
Teddy Bear Stuffers Hand-Crank Portable Stuffing Machine demonstrated by Stan and Annette Block (3/15/07) Watch Video
Timeless Toys Rin Tin Tin Plush and Slippers demonstrated by Harold Nizamian (2/26/07) Watch Video
Tiny Love Bobo the Happy Hound demonstrated by Marina Sloan (3/2/07) Watch Video
WackyMals Wackymals demonstrated by Larry Burkhart (3/2/07) Watch Video
Zoobies Zoobies 3-in-1 Plush/Pillow/Blanket (2/21/07)
Watch Video

RIDE-ONS back to top

ACT International Zogo demonstrated by Candy Johnson (2/26/07) Watch Video
Applepie Toys Elephant, Dinosaur and Goose Ride-ons demonstrated by Richard Tomasco (2/26/07) Watch Video
C & N Reproductions Pedal Cars demonstrated by Carl Kriewall (3/15/07) Watch Video
Innovative Transportation Vehicles Vector demonstrated by Ron Carl (2/23/07) Watch Video
Kettler Adjustable Trike demonstrated by Ryan Williams (3/2/07) Watch Video
KidKraft Harley Davidson Rocker demonstrated by Elise Chetzron (3/22/07) Watch Video
Peg Perego Vespa Ride-on demonstrated by Dennis Dilman (3/22/07) Watch Video
Toy Marketing International
Rody demonstrated by Jennifer Blacklock (2/23/07) Watch Video


10 Ball Inc. Various Exercise Balls (3/22/07) Watch Video
Bazoongi Kids Garden House demonstrated by Bob Muniz (3/22/07) Watch Video
Be Amazing! Mentos Geyser demonstrated by Mark Greenberg (3/5/07) Watch Video
BlueStorm Productions Slooh demonstrated by Mike Paolucci (3/2/07) Watch Video
Diggin Flik Stix demonstrated by Jenny Stern (3/22/07) Watch Video
DuneCraft Rock Garden demonstrated by Marc Buholzer (3/15/07) Watch Video
Extreme Bubbles Inc. beeboo Big Bubble Mix demonstrated by David Erck (3/2/07) Watch Video
Funrise FanYang Gazillion Incredible Double Wand demonstrated by Steve Starobinsky (3/22/07) Watch Video
Geocentral Pirate Dig Kit demonstrated by Jack Abrohms (3/2/07) Watch Video
Geospace Walkaroos demonstrated by Dennis Binkley (2/26/07) Watch Video
Geospace RC Helicopter demonstrated by Dennis Binkley (2/26/07) Watch Video
Geospace Air Hockey demonstrated by Dennis Binkley (2/26/07) Watch Video
Geyser Guys Geyser Gusher, Geyser Flyer and Geyser Balls demonstrated by James Petrone (3/15/07) Watch Video
Gifts That Bloom Gifts That Bloom Garden Cans demonstrated by Robert Piller (3/2/07) Watch Video
HQ Kites USA Air Glider demonstrated by Tim Buxmeyer and Melanie Pargmann (2/26/07) Watch Video
OgoSport OgoSport demonstrated by Rick Goodwin (3/15/07) Watch Video
Pacific Play Tents One-Touch Play Tent demonstrated by Maria Morales (3/22/07) Watch Video
Poof Slinky Light-up Ram Rocket demonstrated by Paul Gregory (2/23/07) Watch Video
Premiere Kites Key Chain Kite demonstrated by Ben Ancheta (3/2/07) Watch Video
Tedco Gyroscope demonstrated by Travis Rogers (2/26/07) Watch Video
Ttalf Yackle Ball demonstrated by Charles Littwin (2/23/07)
Watch Video
Young Scientist Club Human Body demonstrated by Esther Novis (3/2/07) Watch Video

TWEEN STUFF back to top

Beacon Street Girls Sleepover Kit demonstrated by Sandy Balin (3/2/07) Watch Video
Fashion Angels ZookiDooki Line demonstrated by Goldi Miller (2/23/07) Watch Video
Freckles and Maya Freckles and Maya Reversible Backpack demonstrated by Betty R. Han with Kurt Swanson (2/21/07) Watch Video
Hidden City Games Bella Sara Line demonstrated by Andre Lawless (3/2/07) Watch Video
Three Cheers For Girls! Spa Collection demonstrated by Jason Butts (3/5/07) Watch Video


Brewster Wallcovering Co.
WallPOPS Wall Art demonstrated by Paula Berberian (3/2/07) Watch Video
Illumination Arts Magic Whisper Pillow/MP3-Player demonstrated by Adria Manary (3/22/07) Watch Video
Lisa LeLeu Playhouse Theater demonstrated by Dwanye Mosco (3/15/07) NOTE: Video depicts mock-up of product, not actual product. Watch Video
Stellar Defender Space Alien Test Kit demonstrated by Marc Gevinson (2/23/07) Watch Video
The Mountain Corporation
T- Shirts and T-Shirt Boxes demonstrated by Jonathan Dancing (2/21/07) Watch Video

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