Stacking Up Creativity with PixelBlocks
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August 2003 | Vol. II - No. 8

August 2003 | Vol. II - No. 8 TDmonthly SEARCH

The Brass Ring

Stacking Up Creativity with PixelBlocks

The brainchild of a Los Angeles television producer, Glendora, CA-based PixelBlocks makes its premiere this September with a colorful new construction system. “We’ve had an amazing response so far,” says company President Aaron Rincover. PixelBlocks’ five partners include a toy storeowner, computer programmer, and Rincover, who has a background in architecture and design. Despite an enthusiastic response at the major Toy Shows, Pixleblocks has no plans to expand into licensing. “We’re leaving the creativity up to the kids,” says Rincover.

What is a PixleBlock? We asked him the same thing…

Changing Channels

Aaron Rincover

PixelBlocks LLC was formed nine months ago by five industry veterans; [the toys] were invented by a Los Angeles television engineer, Jay Simmons. Jay had difficulty drawing and thought if he could just take the “pixels” of color out of a TV screen, he could put them together to create images.

Our company was formed around the idea of being able to create what is in your imagination. We developed PixelBlocks as a way for children and adults to express themselves, and the patented connections and extensive, vibrant color palette provide an outlet for limitless creativity. PixelBlocks were designed as a physical “pixel,” if you will, representing the dots on a TV or computer monitor.

PixelWorld Pets

The Time is Right

Right now, we are primarily focused on the independent and specialty toy markets. PixelBlocks will also be appearing in the Arts and Crafts market, as well as museum and science shops. We feel there is a gap between current technology and physical play, and the time is right to offer an innovative block product.

We have been reaching out mainly through toy shows and fairs. Already this year we’ve been to Nuremberg, New York and the Pomona toy show, all with an overwhelming positive response.


Selling In

The initial PixelBlocks line will be arriving at retail outlets in September, but the entire range of products have been selling “in” extremely well. Most retailers have ordered the entire line, from 200-block individual color sets to the 2800-block deluxe set and every SKU in between.

PixelWorld Tops

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Although we are certainly faced with a demanding retail climate, toys still represent over a $20 billion industry. Like many, we fear the great discounting giants are affecting the specialty market’s ability to stay competitive. But with Arts and Crafts as one of the market segments that saw a substantial increase in 2002, and with Learning Toys as one of the “hot” categories right now, we are optimistic about the success of PixelBlocks, despite any economic slowdown. We know that “depth of play” and a creative play experience are important to parents.



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