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Cuddly Green Giant
Shrek 26" Cuddle Pillow

Kids love Shrek and they will love this great big 26" Cuddle Pillow! Lots of fun. Stands nearly 3 feet tall!  Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co.   (661) 260-3334

Cuddly Spiderman
Spiderman Pillowtime Pal

Have some sleepytime fun with this very cool Spiderman Pillowtime Pal! It's nice and big and cuddly, and Spiderman is posed in a classic attack position!  Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co.   (661) 260-3334

More Than Just Bears...
Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co.

The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co. is a manufacturer of fine quality plush toy, animatronic, and figural gift items for licensed, branded and non-branded seasonal plus Christian merchandise.  Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co.  661-260-3334

This Bear’s Colors Won’t Run
Uncle George Bear
Uncle George’s mouth moves and his head sways as his sings and inspiring rendition of “America The 
Beautiful”. A portion proceeds from the sales of this soft 16” Chenille patriotic bear will be donated to 
the Red Cross and The United Way’s September 11th Fund. PBC International, Inc.  

Fun "Feel Good" Collectable Computer Pets

Available in 16 highly adoptable characters, to match every personality. CompuCritters" are specifically designed to sit atop or cling to the side of an office or home computer monitor, and have clasping paws that hold notes, pens or pictures.  CompuCritters  (800) 229-5091

Loveable Bonepuppys

The loveable Bonepuppys are new 10" tall soft and cuddly plush that carry a bone attached to their paws that says “loveable”. The loveable Bonepuppys are recommended for ages 5 and up.  Catherine''s Design & Gift  (806) 359-3415

Interactive Animals Play With Your Child
Hide-and-Seek Plush Cats™
This new line of plush cats can play with your children. Programmed tosay “I’m Over Here!” until found, the cats come in numerous colors. Whenfound, the cats say “You found me! You found me! Give me a big hug! Let’splay Hide-and-Seek AGAIN!” On a Lark

Lawton Dolls Releases a Young Harriet Tubman
Courage to Run™
Wendy Lawton is no stranger to awards in the Doll market, and she is inthe running for more with the release of Courage to Run. The doll, a portrait ofthe young Harriet Tubman, came to Wendy while writing a book of the same name. LawtonDolls

Gund Golfs for a Good Cause
Gund “Life” Line™

Two new pink, plush golfing bears, a golfing bear club cover, and a bagmascot are all being made for a good cause. A portion of the proceeds will go tothe Val Skinner Foundation, an organization that supports breast cancer researchand education. Gund

“Theodore” Celebrates Teddy-Bears 100th Birthday

100 years ago on November 14th, a clever shopkeeper named a bear after thepopular president Theodore Roosevelt, and the rest is history. Gund suggestsshopkeepers throw Teddy bear birthday parties to celebrate. Gund

People Holding Hands Represents More People
People Holding Hands™
This line consists of four dolls representing the four majornationalities of US citizens. They have recently been chosen as the “bookbuddies” to “Workshop 102: A Travel Guide Through Children’s Literature.” You’re On, Inc.

From Russia With Love - Russian Village Dolls!
Russian Village Dolls™
The Russian Village Dolls were crafted by Galina Maslennikova of Moscow.These unique dolls are of high quality and craftsmanship, to be appreciated byboth children and collectors. Volga River Trading Company

Christina St. Clair Strolls Down Fashion Boulevard
Christina St. Clair™
Christina St. Clair is a doll that knows how to dress. Looking as thoughshe just came from Rodeo Drive, the character owns numerous boutiques, andcertainly dresses the part. Fashion Boulevard

Pink Panther Goes Plush
Pink Panther™
Good Stuff, LLC has just acquired a license for the famous Pink Panthercharacter. Initial releases will include a plush and soft-stuffed novelty line. GoodStuff, LLC

Three Stooges go Plush Collectible
Three Stooges™
Good Stuff, LLC has acquired the license to make Three Stooges dolls.The company plans to release the stooges in a variety of outfits, thus makingthem even more collectible. Initial plans are for Firemen, Policemen,Legionaries, and Surgeons. Good Stuff, LLC

Teddy Bears Get Fiesty at Fiesta
OG Girls™
This new line of teddy bears is marketed for the “tweenage”audience. The 13” bears wear T-shirts with phrases such as “Princess,” “Boy’sLie,” “98% Angel,” not to mention navel rings. Fiesta

Plush, Patriotic, and with Money Attached, Coin Bears Have it All
Coin Bears™
Limited Treasures hit the coin and bear collectible market with theintroduction of their new Coin Bears.® The plush 8 ½ inch bears come with oneof the popular new state quarters embedded in their palm. Limited Treasures

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