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Books to Ease the Pain: Barklay and Eve Help Kids Through Life’s Darkest Times
By Tim Connolly
December 1, 2002

Precious Gifts: The Katie Coolican Story

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is difficult for anyone, but for children—without the understanding of death adults take for granted—it can be an especially confusing and painful ordeal.

Dragonfly Publishing has created a series of children’s coloring and activity books dealing with life’s most stressful times, featuring Barklay and Eve, two friendly dog characters that help kids deal with feelings of grief and worry.

The series’ foundation book is Together We’ll Get Through This, a book designed to “Recognize and validate all kinds of losses children may have.” Subjects ranging from divorce and serious illness, to the stress of moving to a different neighborhood are covered, providing “constructive activities and healing choices to help them cope.”

Other books in the series include, Honoring our Loved Ones: Going to a Funeral, which helps children cope with, and understand, the death and funeral of a loved one. There’s also Barklay and Eve: Sitting Shiva, explaining Jewish burial and mourning tradition, and Our Special Garden: Understanding Cremation.

What is Cancer Anyway? defines the illness for kids, as well as explaining chemotherapy and radiation treatment in a story with a hopeful outlook. Hospice care is covered in Everything Changes, But Love Endures.

Precious Gifts: The Katie Coolican Story is based on a true story, and deals with organ and tissue donation, touching on difficult topics such as the meaning of brain death.

The one loss every child is sure to experience, the death of beloved pet, is dealt with in They’re part of the Family, based on true stories from others who’ve lost their best four-legged friend.

All proceeds from the sales of the Barklay and Eve books go to the D’Esposo Center, which helps children deal with the grieving process.



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