Gygy Inc.

I do not clearly remember my first tricycle, but in my minds eye, I envision a cherry-red, cold metal, riding machine. I feel as though I loved this trike, and rode it everywhere. But I don't remember it, and I think I know why. I wanted a bike. Bikes were cool. Bikes were fun. Bikes were for older kids, whom I admired. My tricycle was something of a waystation, a tool to practice on before graduation to bicycles.

And in looking at tricycles now, I get much the same feeling. Most are built as practice tools. They are ways for tikes to get around on wheels, but they are not much fun.

Gygy Inc., a French company, seems to have addressed this problem with their line of tricycles. In Horse and Cart, or Husky and Sled themes, the trikes may have the ability to inspire creative play in children. No longer simply a tool for motoring, the tricycles can become a part of the action, as children race the iditarod, or win a buggy race. These tricycles look nice enough to be placed in any home, and who knows, maybe they can even find a place in a childs memories.


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