Fresh and Fierce: Action Figures for Hobby and Play
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July 2003 | Vol. II - No. 7

July 2003 | Vol. II - No. 7 TDmonthly SEARCH

Fresh and Fierce: Action Figures for Hobby and Play

With new items for almost every age group, action figures—from superheroes to cartoon favorites—are always going strong.

Robot Redux

Bandai America (ToyDirectory) has monopolized the action figure dollar for years with its line of Power Ranger toys. Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, Bandai is adding two new anime inspired lines.

Clocking in at 1.5 inches, Superior Defenders are "vertically challenged" robots who have banded together to fight the evil Dark Axis. With their cartoon debuting in the fall on Cartoon Network, these funky, brightly colored characters are ready to take on the world. The Superior Defender Figure Collection comes with five figures in a pack and retails for $4.99. Also look for SD's big brothers, 5-inch action figures retailing for $5.99 per figure.

Experience the Power of the Eye!

Bandai combines action figures and game play with their new line of Jagun Fighters. Mystical and somewhat creepy, these figures come with a detailed storyline used for game play. Each 6.5-inch figure has an eerie eyeball in its chest which rolls with the push of a button. Articulated and packed with an exclusive trading card, each Jagun Fighter retails for $9.99

Anime Adventures

Dragonball Z

Continuing in a similar vein, Jakks Pacific, known for their line of WWE wrestling figures, is making its move into the Japanese anime field. Early this year, Jakks bought the licensing rights to Dragonball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho from Irwin Toys. Later this year, Jakks expects to be delivering its own, newly sculpted figures in both of these lines. Yu Yu Hakusho®, set to run as another new series for Cartoon Network's Toonami block, is the story of a young man who is killed then comes back to earth as a spirit detective to help people in need. The 7-inch figure line retails for $9.99 and although aimed at a 6-11 year-old audience, it is expected to appeal to collectors as well.







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The Dark Knight Returns

Baatman and Robin

Japanese anime not your thing? Mattel has filled their action figure line with old standbys from super heroes to spinning devils. Batman continues to be a hot-seller, and this summer Mattel will release a Batman Action Figure set that retails for $13.99. Coming with two figures to a box, the double duos were sculpted by comic artists The Four Horsemen and are likely to be big with collectors and kids.

The Power of Grayskull

Evill Lyn

If you like a little more muscle on your action figure, look for Mattel to continue its re-release of the Masters of the Universe. For $7.99 each, kids can create their own mythic world with these great retro figures. The Heroic Warriors Assortment includes 6 inch versions of: Teela®, Orko™, He-Man®, and Prince Adam®. But what's a hero without a villain? The Evil Enemies Assortment includes Whiplash™, Two Bad ™, Fire Armor™, Skeletor®, and the cartoon-sexy, Evil -Lyn®.


Looney Fun

When the Looney Tunes go Back in Action in their own live-action feature film this fall, Mattel will be there with a new line of action figures.Bugs, Daffy, Marvin the Martian and Taz will all be there, familiar faces with all-new comic styling. The action figure assortment, retailing for $7.99 each, features figures with stretching action. Also watch for Krazy Kombos ($4.99), figures with interchangeable snap-on parts, which allow kids to create their own Looney Tune.




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