Novelty and Impulse Toys: A World of Fun on the Cheap
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July 2003 | Vol. II - No. 7

July 2003 | Vol. II - No. 7 TDmonthly SEARCH

Novelty and Impulse Toys: A World of Fun on the Cheap

Impulse toys usually evoke images of shaky hands and dry lips caused from the “I-Just-Have-To-Have-It” syndrome. Unusual, colorful and sometimes hilarious, Novelty and Impulse toys are those strategically stashed near registers and exits as a last ditch effort to sway customers into whipping out their wallets.


The Rings of Saturn

Although Spinmaster's Astrojax comes in many colors and design, by far the coolest one to have swinging in the air, off walls or off your body is the bright, fluorescent Saturn model (aptly named for its encircled ring). When creating more complex tricks than with your average yo-yo, fret not; each Astrojax comes with a trick sheet and an Astrojax Docking Station if you need to walk away from it for a while. The Astrojax is equipped with three colored LED lights that can be switched from “Continuous” mode to “Disco.” Nothing is more groovy for kids 8 years old and up than a disco ball on a string for $6.99.

Red Devil Rubber Duckies

From the mind of Zoomagoo, this red, horned rendition of the traditional rubber ducky is the perfect way to spice up bath time. For $5.99, you get three diabolical quacks. These fellows are perfect for anyone who enjoys a devilish bath time.

Ricky Recorder


Yo Yo Ma stand back! GVOX’s Ricky Recorder will bring out your child’s inner maestro. A microphone links the recorder to your personal PC, which can also be used to play the interactive software starring Ricky the Recorder. Ricky not only teaches playing techniques, but also provides a cursory lesson in musical theory. With a retail price of $99.95, Ricky Recorder is a bargain considering users can play up to 20 songs on the recorder with Ricky. The software is compatible with Windows and up, and requires 23 MB of memory.


Stars and Stripes

In these times of socio-political upheaval, it’s important to throw an innocuous and nonviolent toy into the pile of killing electrical machines that children play with. The extremely malleable doll from Bendos is a declaration of patriotism, with the American flag proudly grasped in one plastic hand. For $5.50, kids of all ages can bend with patriotic pride.

Hulk Hogan

WWF Attitude Bears

Endorsed by infamous World Wrestling Federation (WWF) stars like bandana-clad Hulk Hogan ($8.99) and Undertaker ($7.99), these colorful bears are collector items with chutzpah. The bears come in eight different colors and are always ready to rumble.

“Now You Can Find It!"™ Wireless RF Electronic

Remote Control Lost Again?

Somebody should nominate The Sharper Image for their innovative idea of how to track down those perpetually missing household items like the remote control, a baby’s bottle or even a spouse. Locaters ($19.95) come in four different colors and can attach to virtually anything via a key ring or adhesive pad. If something goes missing, use your “Now You Can Find It!"™ Wireless RF Electronic Locater and save yourself from tearing out the sofa cushions.

Egg Men

Egg Men

If Humpty Dumpty married Mr. Potato Head, would they have egg children? Standing only 2.5 inches tall and cashing in on the tried and tested Mr. Potato Head, these Egg Men are more portable versions of the beloved toy. From U.S. Toys, the novelty eggs run $6.95 per dozen. Egg crate not included.


Alien Folding Figures

Also from U.S. Toys (ToyDirectory), these aliens’ sole purpose in life is to have their heads folded into their bodies. What more can you ask for? They come in assorted colors and designs for $4.95 per dozen.

Yo Yo Blobz

Blobz and Blobz of Fun

Play Visions adds its Blobz line to the squishy-fun category. After throwing the water-filled Blobz against any hard surface, they flatten and then spring back into shape. Yo Yo Blobz (24 ct. pack for $36.00) feature a stretchy cord so you can bounce Blobz wherever you like.



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