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March 2008 | Vol. VII - No. 3

Higgins Brothers Makes Life a Circus

Juggling Company Thrives After European Start

By Elizabeth Greenspan
March 2008

“Circus schools are springing up all over the world and parents are looking for new toys to encourage physical activity and stimulate their kids’ minds.” President Don Higgins of Higgins Brothers
Don Higgins was on a world tour in 1991 when he arrived in London. He didn’t have enough money for a ticket home to Canada, but he did have time on his hands, so he learned to juggle — in less than five minutes! A career was born. Don began selling juggling equipment in London and after returning to Canada, started Higgins Brothers with his brother Dan. Don, president of the company, recently spoke to TDmonthly Magazine about how he and Dan, vice president, juggled the demands of starting Canada’s first juggling and circus toy business, making it the greatest show in North America.


I started selling juggling equipment in the market stalls of London. Juggling was picking up. People did it in their spare time. All the schools had juggling programs and there were 25 places in London where you could hang out and juggle. Glastonbury had a 20,000 sq. ft. tent dedicated to juggling and circus art.

I worked seven days a week selling nothing but juggling equipment. I taught thousands of people how to juggle, including Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin.


After four years in London, I returned to Canada and teamed up with my brother Dan. The market was not the same, but we knew what we were doing and we’ve done all right. We slowly developed products for toy stores. Demand for our products grew and people took notice.

In 1995 we designed a line of juggling and circus-related toys for retail and displayed at the Toronto Gift Show. I was awarded “Best New Booth,” and our juggling products became available coast to coast. Our new pupils included Deputy Prime Minister Sheila Copps and singers Amy Sky, Michael Burgess and David Cassidy of the Partridge Family.


In the early years of the business we taught in schools and at festivals and craft shows — anywhere we could show off and sell our wares. We eventually added diabolos, devil sticks and some other specialty juggling products.

We used the Internet and knocked on doors. We just did whatever was necessary to stay afloat. If wholesale wasn’t working, we went to music shows, concerts and folk weekends and just retailed it.

About six or seven years into the business we hired sales people. Higgins Brothers now employs 15 people and supplies about 1,500 customers in Canada and the United States.


We also attended the American International Toy Fair in New York, which helped make the company internationally known. That’s where we forged a relationship with Cirque du Soleil — a Quebec-based organization that provides high-quality artistic entertainment around the world — to produce products for their extensive retail operations.

We recently joined forces with them again and signed a three-year licensing deal. Higgins Brothers will offer a line of Cirque du Soleil-branded juggling and circus toys to retailers across North America.


The big question has always been, “Why juggling?” Volumes have been written about its benefits. It increases eye-hand coordination, stimulates right- and left-side brain activity and is a proven stress reliever. It is even proven to stimulate growth of grey matter in the mind.

Circus schools are springing up all over the world and parents are looking for new toys to encourage physical activity and stimulate their kids’ minds.

I would tell someone starting out in the business that you really have to understand your cash-flow situation. When you’re selling what we sell — and I would think this applies to other toy inventors and manufacturers — there’s no help from the banks.

Here are some Higgins Brothers’ products:


HB Devil Stick by HIGGINS BROTHERSMade from Canadian maple, this Devil Stick is easy to perform tricks with because of the slow performance speed. It's decorated with glitter foil on the middle and both ends and is very durable. It comes with black rubber handsticks. 9/18/2006 (MSRP: $20.00)

World's Finest Juggling Kit - 8-Panel by HIGGINS BROTHERS

WorldThis kit comes with beautiful, eight-panel balls and an instructional booklet entitled "A Universal Manual of Stress Relief." 9/18/2006 (MSRP: $29.95)

Aluminum Spinning Plate by HIGGINS BROTHERS

Aluminum Spinning Plate by HIGGINS BROTHERSThis professional-model plate is precision-made and has perfect balance. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum, it is designed to spin longer than the plastic version. 2/12/2008 (MSRP: $22.00)

Circus Stage Club by HIGGINS BROTHERS

Circus Stage Club by HIGGINS BROTHERSThe 20.5”Circus Stage Club has a silver-wrapped handle that makes the club a bit heavier and can improve its responsiveness. 2/12/2008 (MSRP: $32.00)

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