July 19, 2018

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As a result of high level meetings during the 2012 ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, KY, USA, the ABC Kids Expo, Children’s Baby Maternity Expo (CBME) and the Harrogate Nursery Fair/Baby Products Association have formed an alliance of mutual cooperation and reciprocal pavilions in each other’s shows.

The ABC Kids Expo, held annually, is the largest North American baby, maternity and juvenile products exhibition, UBM Asia’s CBME is the largest Chinese exhibition in this sector and the Harrogate Nursery Show is the only show of its kind in the UK.

Mr. Larry Schur, President of the ABC Kids Expo said, “Based on exhibitor attendance and inquiries at the international session held during the ABC show in October, many of our exhibitors have expressed an interest in establishing relationships overseas.  We look forward to facilitating their experience and generating export opportunities for them by having a USA/ABC Pavilion in both China and the UK next year.  We are also excited by the potential to increase both exhibitor and attendee UK and Chinese participation at the ABC Kids Expo going forward.”

Due to the challenges of exhibiting internationally, all show management agreed that providing a turnkey exhibit for new-to-market companies was essential. Ms. Margaret Ma, Managing Director of UBM China concurred, “As rules and regulations vary from country to country, inducting country pavilions enable small and medium sized companies to have a far larger presence than exhibiting alone.  We are excited to work with ABC Kids Expo and Harrogate Nursery Show to facilitate introducing more products and exhibitors to Asia and in particular China.”

Luke Burns, chairman of the Baby Products Association said that BPA members had expressed great interest in both the USA and China markets, commenting: “This alliance helps our members to be more successful.” Robert Anslow, managing director of Harrogate Nursery Fair added: “We look forward to the opportunity to warmly welcome ABC and CBME exhibitors and help them to market their products in our country.”

In addition to pavilions in each other’s shows, each exhibition will hold export opportunities seminars at each respective exposition and receive additional publicity through co- marketing promotions.

For more information, please contact:

ABC Kids Expo:        
Larry Schur                (210) 691-4848   Ext 107 or
Eric Seemann           (210) 691-4848   Ext 105 or

Children Baby and Maternity Industry Expo:       
Louise Kathryn Yu      (+852) 2585 6101 or

Harrogate Nursery Fair
Robert Anslow     (+44)01902 880906 or

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