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February 2015 | Vol. XIV - No. 2

TDmonthly LIVE Retailer Reporter Coverage 2015 - Day 3

Hot toys from Toy Fair Day 3 and Toy Fair news

By Justina Huddleston
February 2015

TDmonthly's Retailer Reporters (meet them here!) are on the floor at Toy Fair, scouting out the best new toys in specialty. See their feedback below! You can also follow us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK for more up-to-date coverage, and you can see more Toy Fair articles and a live feed of our videos on the TDmonthly homepage.


Priscilla from Mr. Fubs was impressed with Improv Electronics' (Booth 3209) new offerings, especially the Play & Trace. "Some big news is the Boogie Board Play & Trace. It's less than $40.00, and has a generous oval screen that lets you trace anything placed under it. Trace, erase and trace again. Love it!" she said.

As for their other items, "The new Jot 8.5 is upgraded with a pen tray and a 50% brighter screen - at a lower price."


"I like the Tyranno model and series," Priscilla from Mr. Fubs told us at Elenco's booth (#3103). "It is large, 2 ft probably. It's not new, but it's cool. A must-have classic."

Another new item that looks like a good bet for specialty? "Snap Circuit Beginner for 5+. No small parts, simplified instructions. It's a little kit with big play," she reported.

They also have "New DIY sets for kids to build a quality microscope, camera or sound cylinder, for ages 8+."


Priscilla from Mr. Fubs told us that she liked the Sky Pogo from Brand 44 (Booth 5163).


Over at OWI (Booth 2907), Priscilla from Mr. Fubs fell in love with the Kinjii Frilled Lizard robot from OWI. "It's very cool! Once you build him, he'll roam around, back away and wiggle his ruff in delight or when feeling threatened," she reported.

She also liked their air and solar powered kits. "The Air Power Engine Car runs on air and also looks well put-together.," she told us.


Barbara from Jack and Jill in Montreal, QC is frustrated because she loves Sugar Lulu (Booth 2722) and their products, which are perfect for tween girls - but not yet available in Canada. Consider yourself lucky, US retailers!


"Love those Worry Eaters from Haywire (Booth 6217)," Barbara from Jack and Jill told us. It's "Plush with a zipper in the mouth where you can write down your worries." The plush "eats" the worries, and then parents read them later and discuss with their kids.


On the Park Toys reported to us that they are loving the look of IELLO games (Booth 135).


Priscilla from Mr. Fubs is impressed with Slackline Industries/Canaima Outdoors (Booth 5047).

"They have slack kits for beginners (age 8+) that are a few inches off the ground, to high liners that are ratcheted up the tree," she told us. Their Play Line slacklines are "Great play for balance, strength and coordination."

"They also have neon discs of high density felt with Swiss cheese holes for aerodynamic flight," Priscilla said of the Sky Shredder.

They also have Ziplines.


"WowWee is much more than a toy company," Barbara from Jack and Jill told TDmonthly. The have some new savvy items for girls. A Snap Chat which you can take a selfie with, and Groove Cube, miniature blue-tooth speakers. They're very cool. I will keep my eyes on them for future."

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