August 15, 2018

TDmonthly Magazine

June 2015 | Vol. XIV - No. 6

TDmonthly introduces our 2015 ASTRA Kid Reporters

By Justina Huddleston
June 2015

For the second year in a row, TDmonthly Magazine is getting kids' perspectives on the latest and greatest specialty toys to be shown at the ASTRA Marketplace & Academy show, this year being held in Charlotte, N.C.

Our Kid Reporter videos give retailers the chance to see what kids really think of these new toys - and when they find a winner, you can share the adorable video with your customers so they can see what makes that toy great!

Thanks to The Brock Agency, TDmonthly found three cute and charismatic Kid Reporters to walk the show floor and scout out unbeatable new products.

Meet our Kid Reporters

Crystal Meka

Crystal Meka is a high-spirited, but tender-hearted little girl. From the moment she could talk and walk, she has let everyone know that her destiny is in the arts and entertainment. Crystal loves drama, dancing and drawing.  She has always taken part in Church and school plays, choir and ballet performances. She is constantly holding drawing lessons for her classmates or using her Galaxy tablet to produce her own movies with her friends. Crystal's favorite subject in school is Math.  When she isn't studying or acting, she enjoys playing with her dolls. She was recently featured in the SAFE Federal Credit Union commercial, and an extra in the movie, Two Wrongs. Her current projects are Check Please (30 days, 30 dates), in which she plays a young girl seeking a father and a husband for her mother; and a sci-fi movie Morning Star where she plays an astronaut's daughter.

Saxon Coleman

Saxon Coleman is an 8 year old boy with unbridled energy. He has a brother named Oscar, who is 11 years old. He loves playing with Legos, Stuffed Animals, Remote Controlled Cars. In addition to playing, he loves to camp, swim, and play soccer. Saxon also loves people. He lives for the moment.

Ava Toberman

Ava Toberman is 10 years old and a 4th grader at Highland Elementary in Central North Carolina. She is an avid singer, dancer and actor. She is currently on her elementary choral team and news crew. She's appeared in several local theatre performances including 2 local TV commercials, print ads and has had several motion picture auditions. Her dream is to grow up and become a teacher of math, which is her favorite subject.

Stay tuned for our coverage of the show so you can discover, along with our Kid Reporters, the hottest specialty toys of 2015.

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