July 16, 2018

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July 2015 | Vol. XIV - No. 7

RedwoodVentures Sues to Protect its IDO3D Brand of 3D Drawing Products

Seeks To Stop Infringement by Irwin Toys and Tech 4 Kids

By TDmonthly Staff
July 2015

RedwoodVentures, Ltd., an innovator in the toy and 3D Drawing categories, today announced that it has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas against Irwin Toys, Ltd. and Tech 4 Kids, Ltd. and their affiliates.

The suit seeks to prevent the continuing infringement and use of copyrighted works, materials and trademarks for IDO3D, an innovative 3D Drawing system for kids.

IDO3D enables kids to draw in 3D using a unique 3D Drawing process.

The suit alleges that after RedwoodVentures Ltd.’s first exhibition of IDO3D in October 2014, the defendants copied certain key elements of the IDO3D brand’s trade dress, packaging and copyrighted materials to promote their own line of toys.
RedwoodVentures Ltd. seeks a swift resolution of the case to prevent the defendants from violating its copyrights, materials and trademarks.

“Our retailer and distributor partners, along with consumers, have come to expect leading-edge user experiences through our brands. It’s our responsibility to ensure that no consumer confusion exists between our quality brands and other products, and that’s why we’re filing suit,” says RedwoodVentures Ltd. CEO Andy Wiseman.                                                                                
About RedwoodVentures:
RedwoodVentures Ltd. is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative toys and other products sold under the brands IDO3D, Defiants, Lil’ Fishys, Nixies and Kaotiks RC. Its IDO3D 3D drawing brand is available this fall at every major retailer in North America and in 40 countries around the world.

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