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September 2015 | Vol. XIV - No. 9

September Staff Picks

By Justina Huddleston
September 2015

School is back in session, and the holidays are right around the corner. Here at TDmonthly, we're paying special attention to educational toys, and products that could be holiday hits. You can see some of our favorite finds in our staff picks, below.

Make Your Own Holiday Snow Globes by CREATIVITY FOR KIDS

Decorate 3 child-safe, plastic snow globes with 3 winter/ holiday themed resin figures and create your own winter wonderland! Use the included clay and tools to create additional fun, festive accessories and decorations; add your own tap water, top them off with glitter (also included) and give them a shake to watch your winter scenes come to life.
Snow globes measure approximately 2 7/8” w x 3 5/8” h x 2 3/4" d 8/11/2015 (Age: 6 and Up)

Sea Sparkles: Sea Shimmers by AURORA WORLD INC.

Sea Sparkles: Sea Shimmers by AURORA WORLD INC.Aurora’s popular Sea Sparkles™ line features over 80 trend-setting styles of enchanting and trend-forward mermaid dolls and sea-friend plush that make a splash with families wherever they go. Their newest collection of 6 mermaids called Sea Shimmers™ have stylized long-flowing doll hair infused with shimmering mylar, sparkling crowns and new outfits. 8/25/2015


Princess & Frog LIMITED SERIES Classic EcoAquarium™ by FUNOLOGY INNOVATIONS LLCA Classic EcoAquarium with a pretty new look... a Castle on a Hill, a fierce Dragon, a handsome Knight, plus a lovely Princess, with her favorite pet.
The durable color-fast background & tank border is design that would do any Princess proud. Includes 4x4x5 tank, with 2 Frogs or 1 Betta Fish, Lucky Bamboo Plant, Decorative rock, Living Gravel, your choice of Colored Gravel. 8/26/2015 (MSRP: $40.99; Age: 6 and Up)

Science X Magnetic Magic Activity Kit by RAVENSBURGER

Science X Magnetic Magic Activity Kit by RAVENSBURGERCan you make a paperclip float? What are magnetic fields? How does a compass work? These astonishing activities will reveal the fascinating world of magnetism. Success is guaranteed as you discover the power of this invisible force. Contents: 2 Ring Magnets, 1 Bar Magnet, 1 Packet of String, 1 Compass, 1 Washer, 1 Galaxy Map, 1 Fizz Token, Detailed Instruction Manual. 8/31/2015 (MSRP: $13.99)

Classic Science Archaeology: Pyramid by THAMES & KOSMOS

Classic Science Archaeology: Pyramid by THAMES & KOSMOSNational Geographic Archaeology Kit: Egyptian Pyramid, The Secret of the Pyramid. Play the role of archaeologist as you explore this pyramid model and the treasures buried within. After using hieroglyphics to decipher the secret to unlocking the pyramid, use tools and techniques similar to those of a real archaeologist to carefully excavate a sarcophagus, death mask, and four canopic urns from inside. Open the sarcophagus and you will discover a model mummy preserved within. As you uncover the artifacts in the pyramid, you will learn about archaeological science, including excavation, conservation, dating, and remote sensing. You will also learn about ancient Egyptian customs, hieroglyphics, mummification, and pyramid construction. Investigate the layout of the pyramid, its various chambers, hidden passageways, and security devices by constructing a three-dimensional cross section. Full-color, 16-page experiment manual. 8/31/2015 (MSRP: $25.95)

LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit by LEGO

LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit by LEGOBuild and display these authentic, well-loved birds! LEGO Ideas brings you 3 incredibly detailed models of iconic birds from around the globe-the Blue Jay, Hummingbird and Robin. Put down your binoculars and get closer to nature with these intricate LEGO models of well-known birds! Created by keen gardener and bird enthusiast Thomas Poulsom and selected by LEGO Ideas members, each replica bird hails from a different continent: the Robin from Europe; the Blue Jay from North America; and the Hummingbird from South America. These beautiful and detailed models come with their own presentation stands showing their scientific names, so that you can display your birds for all to enjoy or detach and play as you wish. This set also includes 3 booklets containing lots more information about each of these fascinating species as well as the creator of these amazing models. Features 3 models: a Blue Jay, Hummingbird with flower, and a Robin. 8/31/2015 (MSRP: $44.99; Age: 12 and Up)


Flower Wall Hook by THE ORB FACTORY LIMITEDMake a fabulous Flower. Use the stylus and follow a numbered legend, adding pretty fabric pieces to create a wonderful wall hook. 8/31/2015 (MSRP: $14.99)

Smithsonian Human Skeleton Casting Kit by SKULLDUGGERY

Smithsonian Human Skeleton Casting Kit by SKULLDUGGERYFirst, mix the PerfectCast mold mix in the 'mix and pour' bag and pour it into the molds. While it sets enjoy the fun, games and learning in the activity book! Unmold your creation, paint the parts and set them onto the display background - now it's ready to show off on the easel! Children will have a hands on learning adventure they can share with everyone! The Smithsonian Museum Craft Kits by Skullduggery combine creativity, discovery, and learning in one exciting artistic journey. Each kit includes everything needed to create an educational masterpiece. 8/31/2015

Calico Critters Seaside Merry-Go-Round by INTERNATIONAL PLAYTHINGS LLC

Calico Critters Seaside Merry-Go-Round by INTERNATIONAL PLAYTHINGS LLCCritter babies love riding the merry-go-round! Merry-go-round spins as you turn the handle. Fish seats can detach from the carousel. Also features water spray & slide. Merry-go-round measures 6" x 4.5" x 6.5". 8/31/2015

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