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January 2016 | Vol. XV - No. 1

January Staff Picks

By TDmonthly Staff
January 2016

Looking for new toys to fill your shelves after a busy holiday season? Our January staff picks are a great place to start.

Balancing Tree by PLANTOYS

Balancing Tree by PLANTOYSHelp develop fine motor skills. Toss the dice to see what color you get, then choose an animal that have the same color as the one you rolled. The player that can balance the animals on the boat using the pincers without making it fall is the winner. The set consists of a boat, 6 pairs of animals, a dice, and a pincers. Ideal for 1 to 4 players. 12/30/2015


Brain Dice by RECENT TOYS USAIncredible math game with thousands of challenges and solutions. 12/30/2015

Mini Monk Seal by FOLKMANIS INC.

Mini Monk Seal by FOLKMANIS INC.An endangered species worthy of attention, the MINI MONK SEAL finger puppet is so sweet and soft that she'll swim to the depths of your heart. 12/30/2015 (MSRP: $6.49)

37 Key Digital Baby Grand Piano by SCHOENHUT PIANO COMPANY

37 Key Digital Baby Grand Piano by SCHOENHUT PIANO COMPANYThe 37 Key Digital Baby Grand Piano is a twist on Schoenhut’s traditional baby grand pianos. Same patented body design, same sturdy structure, but we’ve added some enchanting design elements, and plugged in an electronic sound board! This digital piano will mimic true piano sound and is an excellent learning tool for young musicians. As with traditional Schoenhut pianos, the Digital Butterfly includes full width keys to learn proper finger placement, as well as our patented Tri Play Learning system. As an upgrade for our digital model we’re including 2 more learning systems to advance skills – Piano Key stickers that reflect the musical notes. The ability to connect apps and expand the play experience is really what sets this piano apart from all others. Download any piano learning app and the piano will play through your device! Download Karaoke app, and use the included microphone to sing along to the words on your device screen. Velocity Keys, 5 different instrument sound functions, Demo songs, and Record/Playback for up to 700 notes. Features opening butterfly style lid, 37 velocity keys and 3 separate learning systems. 12/30/2015

Power Block Sports Car by Laser Pegs Ventures, LLC

Power Block Sports Car by Laser Pegs Ventures, LLCBuild 8 Light Up rolling model cars with the Laser Pegs Power Block – Sports Car kit. This new power base has construction brick nubs on its surface and comes with detachable light up rolling tire pegs so that you can build the base into your model. The kit comes with 83 tinted construction parts that let you build a Rally Car, F1 Racer, Roadster or your own rolling racer. 8/8/2014 (MSRP: $24.99; Age: 5 and Up)

CCRY - Candy Crystal Growing Kits by GEOCENTRAL

CCRY - Candy Crystal Growing Kits by GEOCENTRALWhat can be better than science you can eat!  Each kits shows you how to make your own sugar crystals or rock candy.  Educational booklet includes instructions on how to do the experiment and information about how crystals grow in nature. 12/10/2015

Gnomlins™ by AURORA WORLD INC.

Gnomlins™ by AURORA WORLD INC.Aurora’s Gnomes are little curious and cuddly creatures filled with lots of love! This collection features 5 unique styles that come in 3 sizes. Made with super soft fabrics, a large fluffy beard and adorable beady eyes, you will instantly fall in love with Aurora’s take on a beloved classic character. Ages 2+. MSRP: $8-24 12/10/2015 (Age: 2 and Up)


Schmovie by GALACTIC SNEEZEThe object of Schmovie is to come up with funny titles for made-up movies based on a film genre (determined by the roll of a die) combined with an outlandish premise (generated by flipping two cards). Schmovie is all about creativity, humor and laugh-out-loud fun for the whole family. What would you call an action film about a killer sandwich? Rye Hard … Beauty and the Beef … Despicable Meatballs … you get the point. Collect Schquid trophies for winning titles as you laugh yourself silly. Inside each box of Schmovie Family Edition: 85 What cards, 85 Who cards, 19 Schquid trophies, 1 genre die, 5 erasable title boards, 1 rule sheet, 5 erasable markers, 19 trophy bases and unlimited awesomeness. 11/24/2015 (MSRP: $19.95; Age: 8 and Up)

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