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Below are some of the products from YOMEGA TDmonthly has reviewed.

Power Brain XP by YOMEGAName: Power Brain XP
Company: YOMEGA
Age: 8-12
Price: $12.95
Category: Yo-Yos

What Is It?
Designed for beginner yo-yo enthusiasts, the Power Brain XP features a" Smart Switch" auto-return clutch that allows the user to switch between manual and automatic returns. Beginners can easily get a sense of the rhythm while they´re learning to handle the yo-yo. As their skills increase, they can switch to a manual return mode for longer spin times and more challenging tricks. It comes in blue, orange or neon green. The back of the yo-yo has a transparent window so the user can view the Smart Switch mechanism.

What We Thought
Even the clumsiest of yo-yoers can achieve graceful yo-action releasing this mechanized marvel of yo-yo ingenuity. Springing back in a buoyant bounce when it reaches the end of its tether, the Power Brain XP reassures novice yo-yoers that mastering the elusive string and semi-orb is within reach. In no time at all, beginners will be walking the dog and taking it around the world. Once confident in their skills, intermediate yo-ers can switch the Power Brain XP gears and embark on the path to flat-out, no holds barred, all expenses paid, collect $200 as you pass GO, hardcore, old school yo-yoing.

Why They´ll Want It
It´s yo-yoing with training wheels. Even big kids will get a kick out of being able to yo with ease from the first snap of the wrist and release of the Power Brain XP. Sized just right to fit in the palm of a big kid´s hand, the Power Brain XP is designed for kids to grow into. Improving on a childhood staple, the Yomega Power Brain XP could quite possibly be the yo-yo of the future and is, in fact, the yo-yo of now.
-- Vanessa VanderZanden, 8/30/05

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