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Toy Recalls

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July 2018 Press Releases

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Archived Related Articles Regarding Toy Safety

Toys in the News: September 2007

"Halo 3" to Hit Stores Overnight....Mattel Gives China Apology....Harry Potter Saves Scholastic...Electronic Arts After Japan...Crocs Pose Danger...Read More

Keep the Lead Out

Millions of children exposed to hazardous substances. Millions of toys recalled. What, exactly, is sitting on your shelves? Since Aug. 2, when Mattel began recalling toys tainted with lead, toy industry professionals have wrestled with the question of how to identify hazardous materials sooner. Some of the recalled toys had been in children’s hands since 2003...Read More

Is "Made In China" the Kiss of Death?

Mattel’s recall of more than 10 million toys this month has made parents and retailers rethink buying and stocking decisions, sources told TDmonthly Magazine. And as the holiday season approaches, companies that manufacture in the U.S. and abroad are reminding customers of their commitment to safety...Read More

Toys in the News: August 2007

Toys "R" Us Recalls Art Sets...LEGO Sales Soar..."Family Guy" Partners With Xbox...European Consumers Call for Stricter Toy Guidelines...Wal-Mart Increases Toy Tests...Sony Adds Accessories...Mattel Sues Porno Barbie...Read More

Play Goes Green

"Going green" is the catchphrase of the new millennium, and more than the auto industry is finding it profitable to "save" our planet. Ecologically minded toys and games are cropping up, putting soy into stuffed pals and letting kids power up their own toys...Read More

Making It in the USA

American toy companies can save 50 percent or more on manufacturing costs by taking production outside U.S. borders. And yet, some refuse to set sail. They like stateside control, they told TDmonthly Magazine, and they’re proud to put "Made in the USA" on display...Read More

UPDATE: TIA's Member Code of Conduct

An ad-hoc committee co-chaired by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (aka Dr. Toy), and Marshall P. Gavin (b. dazzle, inc.), has worked assiduously over the last three years to develop a code of ethics for members of the toy industry. Recently, the Toy Industry Association approved a TIA Member Code of Conduct...Read More


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