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TDmonthly's ToyFair 2006 Preview--Remote Controlled Product Category

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The CYCLOPS SR1 is the first and only radio controlled toy that combines all the coolest features of a true spy car into one elusive vehicle! Kids can spy on their friends while seeing and hearing all the actionthrough the ISR1's on-board miniature wireless video camera and microphone. They can then battle it out in spy-vs-spy style with the vehicle's built-in infrared lasers and color LCD display with built-in crosshair scope. It can even be played on a TV or camcorder. This product includes: Built-in miniature wireless video camera, Color TFT LCD display, On board wireless microphone, Infrared laser tag, Built-in crosshair scope, Video and audio out to TV/camcorder, Headphone and A/C power jacks, Ultra-bright white headlights (remote controlled), High/low speeds (selectable), Brightness and volume adjustments. 1/4/2006 (Price: $125.00)


The product includes two radio-controlled sneakers, one white, one black, complete with laces. They spin, race and turn to kick a realistic miniature soccer ball. A unique sports toy/remote control. Very cool. 12/29/2005 (Price: $30)

My First RC GoGo Fire Truck by KID GALAXY INC.
My First RC GoGo Fire Truck by KID GALAXY INC.

My First RC GoGo Fire Truck is made of soft cast-molded PVC vinyl and is for the very youngest enthusiasts of radio-controlled toys. The truck has wonderful details and is big and chunky, perfect for small hands. In vibrant red with a white ladder perched on the side and big silver bumpers, the GoGo Fire Truck is a small but mighty vehicle with a color-coordinated steering wheel remote.
- Asked about her best-selling items in the hobby category, Lesa Smith, owner of Whiz Kids in San Luis Obispo, Calif., told TDmonthly, “The KG GoGos for littler kids.” She reported sales of about a dozen a month.
- “Our top seller is the GoGo Fire Truck for preschoolers,” added Sallie Kashiwa, manager of Timbuk Toys in Denver, in October 2008.
- “[It’s] easy to display. It's great to merchandise and put a special price point on,” said Diana Nelson, owner of Kazoo & Company in Denver. 12/29/2005 (Price: $20)

MegaChopper II RC Helicopter by MEGATECH INTL. INC.
MegaChopper II RC Helicopter by MEGATECH INTL. INC.

Megatech's MegaChopper II is one of the most stable, 100 percent assembled indoor/outdoor ready-to-fly helicopters ever offered. The precision synchronization of its CBR-Drive (Contra Balanced Rotational Drive), keeps the twin rotors rotating in harmony. Accordingly, the MegaChopper II performs rock-steady hovering right out of the box. Also adding to the MegaChopper II fantastic easy-going flying characteristics is centrifugal stabilization offered by the weight fly-bar; a feature normally found on expensive model helicopters. Fly day and night with operating navigational lights.
— RC Helicopters from Megatech have “a good price point and are easy to fly,” Debbie Wurzburger, owner for 22 years of The Toy Chest in Pikesville, Md., told TDmonthly. 12/28/2005 (Price: $89.99) [Add to my Inquiry Basket][?]


Interactive Toy Concepts is proud to introduce you to Jack Knife Jets! "Jack Knife" is the perfect name for this remarkable glider. It features catapult-launched gliders with wings that fold into a high speed position during launch and then swing out to allow the plane to glide and soar or do stunts. The jet climbs to heights of over 75 feet and can stay in the air for amazing lengths of time. Includes a patented on-board flight control module to allow the pilot to adjust wing configuration to perform 4 different flight patterns. You can make the jet fly at maximum speed or maximum distance, perform loops, roll-outs and even fly inverted. 20" wingspan and 14" long. Comes with a handheld super launcher. Available in 4 color schemes. 12/9/2005 (Price: $14.99) [Add to my Inquiry Basket][?]


The Super B-2® Spirit™ is licensed from Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation. This new R/C plane is massive as it will capture your imagination with its huge 40” wingspan and stable flight performance. It is made of durable EPP foam, features electric ducted fan propulsion, and is ready to fly as it includes everything to get you in the air within minutes. Flies up to a range of 300ft! When its up in the air, its dominant appearance makes it look like the real thing. An excellent choice for all R/C pilots. 12/9/2005 (Price: $99.99) [Add to my Inquiry Basket][?]


ITC teams up with original American hot rodder Boyd Coddington to release the radio controlled Boydster II ™! With the success of the weekly hit television series, American Hot Rod airing on the Discovery Channel, hot rods are in! This is a 24” macho street machine that you can drive without taking out a 2nd mortgage. It’s ready to run within minutes with its high-torque electric motor, and 7-step digitally proportional steering. It bears the look and performance of a high-caliber street rod, clocking in at blazing scale speeds up to 120 Mph. Whether you’re racing or showing it off as a display piece, the Boydster II ™ makes for a cool collectible for hot rod enthusiasts! It’s ready to run out of the box, includes everything needed to be driving within minutes: r/c transmitter, 7.2 V NiCad battery, charger and instructions. 12/9/2005 (Price: $129.99) [Add to my Inquiry Basket][?]


Following appearances on TV with David Letterman and more, the BladeRunner™ indoor helicopter had a successful year as our 1st helicopter. It proves to be the most stable in flight, with precise movement and the easiest to fly as the BladeRunner™ picked up an award in Radio Control Helicopter Magazine for Best Beginner. It performs like helicopters typically priced over $300, well above the BladeRunner™'s price point. We are proud to announce the release of the BladeRunner II™. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Blade Runner II comes fully assembled and ready to fly right out of the box. This improved model features coaxial rotor design, 12-15 minute flight times, searchlight, running light, and foam body. It's carrying the torch as the next generation BladeRunnerindoor helicopter. It includes everything needed to begin your very own indoor chopper missions: r/c transmitter, Lithium Polymer flight battery, 110V AC charger, instructions. Two frequencies available for a blast as you and a friend can fly two choppers at the same time. 12/9/2005 (Price: $99.99) [Add to my Inquiry Basket][?]

HobbyZone Commander 2 RTF by HOBBY ZONE
HobbyZone Commander 2 RTF by HOBBY ZONE

Every young boy wants to learn to fly; the Firebird Commander 2 shows them the way. The radio-controlled plane’s Anti-Crash Technology monitors the plane’s flight and sends corrections to the receiver so kids can avoid taking a dangerous dive. When they've mastered the Commander, the Anti-Crash Technology can be turned off so kids can expand their skills. It's a perfect family-together time gift.
Karey Koehn, editor of HobbyTown USA's Hobby Outlook Magazine, believes, “This is really a parent/child gift — but one that will be the hit of the holiday season.”
— “The Commander 2 has been selling very well for us; in fact, it has been our top seller since it was released. I believe with the quality of the product and the low price, this plane is going to do excellent this Christmas,” pointed out Mitchell Kern, store manager of Boondoggles in Victoria, Texas.
— The Commander 2 sells well even as far away as Mr. Gadget in Australia (where it is sold out). 11/16/2005 (Price: $84.99)

Radio Rodent by MEGATECH INTL. INC.
Radio Rodent by MEGATECH INTL. INC.

Radio Rodent is on the loose! Kids can experience wild and crazy radio control fun with this 100 percent assembled radio control mouse that moves forward, backward, right and left. Radio Rodent's eyes light up sinister red as he scurries about. Rotating tail action quickly flips over the toppled critter. The Rodent comes with a cheeseburger controller/charger.
— “Coolest thing for a boy that age,” laughed Robert Elliot, owner of R/C & More, a hobby shop in Philadelphia. “We have three running all over the store. Makes the moms scream and the kids go crazy.”
“Little boys will love an easy-to-operate radio control mouse,” stated Karey Koehn, editor of retail franchise HobbyTown USA's Hobby Outlook Magazine.
— “A really different, fun toy,” commented Bob Rexford, owner of Rexford’s Fun in Denver, Colo. 11/16/2005 (Price: $19.98) [Add to my Inquiry Basket][?]

Mega Mech Airmagination by MANLEY TOY DIRECT
Mega Mech Airmagination by MANLEY TOY DIRECT

What kid doesn't want a giant inflatable robot that acts on their commands? This 4”-plus–tall, radio-controlled man of air can even record and play back phrases in killer-robot tones. "I want one," said a resident 8-year-old bent on world domination. "Me, too," sang out a 10-year-old girl across the way. "I want to scare the dog and then dress it up. If we got two, we could have a war." Manley representatives have said it's selling well, but expect a big boost come Christmastime. "It's at a price point that it makes an easy gift decision,” one representative told TDmonthly. 10/4/2007 (Price: $39.99) [Add to my Inquiry Basket][?]

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