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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 9/16/2008

The Invent A Tent company began one Christmas when a father wanted to make a gift for his children that would help to stretch their imagination. The result was Invent A Tent. After seeing how much his children (and their friends) loved it, he and his brother made it available for others to enjoy as well. The Invent A Tent company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and to providing quality educational toys.
Invent A Tent
Creative Play
Invent A Tent has a unique design that allows children to create a new play structure every time they use it. Whether your children build a castle, pirate ship, or rocket, Invent A Tent will allow them to create anything they can imagine. Invent A Tent will entertain your children for hours while promoting brain development through cognitive, sensori-motor, and social experiences.

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The kit comes with set pole lengths and fabric dimensions, making it easy for a child to create an infinite variety of play structures. When children play with Invent A Tent, they first visualize a structure in their mind, and then create it. Experts recommend creative play for conceptual development, stress relief, and increased ability to learn.

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Constructive Play
Social Play
The success of constructing a custom tent based off the child's imagination provides a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. Children who are successful at constructive play are also good at arranging words and developing thoughts and concepts.

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Though Invent A Tent can be built and enjoyed by just one child, the developmental benefits are increased when children play with it together. Many parents are surprised at how well their children work together when playing with this toy. Children learn teamwork while building a playscape and learn social interaction skills while playing in their newly created structure. 

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 9/16/2008
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