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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 4/15/2009

Jacabee, Inc. introduces The Jacabee Code, the only multimedia-platform, immersive adventure series for children ages 6-12 that brings together a Massively Multi-Player Online Game (MMOG), personal journal, 12-book literary series and a television series.

The Jacabee Code provides a safe, fun and engaging experience based on historical themes, and promotes learning and discovery. Through the online experience, children use a secret language and join The Jacabee Code characters – Dooley and Abbey, two ten-year-olds, and a young eagle named Baldy – on quests, where they collect clues, follow maps and use a secret decoder to solve mysteries that unlock their learning potential. After completing the quests, children receive their own personalized journal detailing their online adventure. The Jacabee Code extends the experience offline through a book series chronicling more character adventures, and a television series scheduled to debut 2010.

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The Jacabee Code: Personalized Adventure Journal
The Jacabee Code: Trade Book
• Chronicle of the Player’s Unique Adventure
• Custom Avatar & Personal Profile
• Record of the Trophy Treasures
• Activities & More…
• Available through the Gift of Adventure
The 12-book series unlocks the virtual world quests that mirror the stories. With knowledge you gain opportunities so each book has clues inside that give the child an advantage online. The first book will feature Sacagawea in her historic role leading Lewis and Clark across the Louisiana Purchase. Available in summer 2009.
The Jacabee Code: "Gift of Adventure" Gift Card
The Jacabee Code: Adventure Satchel
The “Gift of Adventure” is a gift card which includes a one month subscription and allows the child to create one Personalized Journal online. The gift card is packaged in a greeting card with step-by-step instructions for the child to login to, play the quests and create their journal.
Satchel, Membership Card, Trade Book, Sketch Book, Pencil, Pouch, and Whistle-Compass. Satchel dimensions : 10 1/2” x 9” x 4”
This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 4/15/2009
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