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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 5/27/2009

“Discover the power of friendship.”

Rebelle Friendship Bags are a fun, concept-driven line of handbags created just for tween girls. The cool part is our mission goes way beyond creating great-looking, quality accessories. It's also about helping tween girls build their self-esteem by teaching them to believe in themselves and their friendships regardless of the challenges they face.

Each Friendship Bag is fresh, inspired, richly detailed, and very unique. One look and you’ll recognize the quality and the excitement inside and out. The best part is, each bag is actually two bags in one. It’s just for you, or two can share. Just unzip it, detach it, and share it with your BFF…one color for you, and a complementary color and style for your BFF. Consider it your own new BFF design.

The collection also includes a sophisticated, fun-looking backpack that features both a detacheable, tradeable belt and wristlet.
Rebelle Friendship Bags
Unzip it
So, why call them Rebelle Friendship Bags? Because each Friendship bag unzips to become two bags which can then be shared between best friends.

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Each bag can be unzipped down the middle to split into 2 bags.

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Trade it
Share it
Girls can exchange halves to create a dual colored bag which symbolizes that they are BFF's.

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Each handbag also contains a secret code which gives them special access to the Rebelle website and the Rebelle Girlz...Holly, Rosie Shaye, Lola, Allegra, Sophie, and Kaia. These six girls from around the world, meet at summer camp and instantly became best friends forever. Log on and Say Hello to the Rebelle Girlz!

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 5/27/2009