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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 11/12/2014

R&R Games, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of original, high quality games and toys – Fun games, challenging games, big games, little games. We believe that playing games together around the kitchen table is the best way to be 'social' – and we make the games that do just that. Our games bring people together to laugh, learn, and love the time they're spending with friends and family. We take great pride in being known as the company that brings you... "The Games You Want to Play!"

Since 1996 we have been producing award-winning original games and toys created by some of the most talented designers in the world. Our games have been honored with over 40 national awards, extensive editorial coverage and national television exposure - all evidence of the company’s ongoing commitment to high-quality fun. R&R Games is based in Tampa, Florida.

Guess the Mess
Strike a Pose
Where the heck are your this party game of outlandish locations and cryptic clues? With only thirty seconds to paw through a giant pile of photo clues, the pressure is on to pick ones that describe your secret hiding spot so you can be found. When time runs out, the Messes are passed around and you must guess which of the possible locations landed in front of you. What will YOU choose when you have to...GUESS THE MESS!
3–8 players • Ages 10 and up • Playing time: 30–45 min

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Figure out who your frozen friends are in this hilarious new party game. Is he hurling a javelin or being a superhero? Is she a tumbleweed or a hedgehog? It’s a laugh a minute as you guess what your friends are trying to be while they… Strike A Pose. Each round, all but one player (the Guesser) must freeze into a statue depicting one of the people, places or things on the current card in play. When everyone is set, the Guesser enters the room and decides who’s who after looking at the current card! Lots of laughs in this game that’s great for families, parties and groups!
3–14 players • Ages 10 and up • Playing time: 45–60 min

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Spit it Out
It is the early 1900’s and you are the owner of one of the fastest growing rail companies in the eastern USA. Expand your rail network as you connect cities in order to pick up and deliver more goods. Complete contracts and routes to bring in money to modernize your train. Upgrade your engines, tenders and railcars to transport the most freight. Build farther, transport more and amass wealth on your way to become 'King of the Rails'!
2–4 players • Ages 14 and up • Playing time: 60 min

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ANSWER 6 EASY QUESTIONS WRONG TO GET IT RIGHT. Sounds easy? Well, it should be – except that there is a short time limit and that our brains are wired to give the right answer to an easy question. Still sounds easy? Well, then let’s add a rule that each wrong answer can only be given once. What!? Still too easy? Okay, then sometimes you have to give the right answer and sometimes the wrong answer. That should make it hard enough for you!

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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 11/12/2014