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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 2/14/2008

Over 200 parents have been shown Yuletool and EVERYONE said they would buy Yuletool. About half the sampled customers have called, unsolicited, to thank us. Customers have been asking for Yuletool for their friends. Yuletool is a quality tool which should provide a lifetime of service.

Yuletool wants retailers to help design the finished packaging. We imagine the product to be on a display card held in by bubble plastic.

Snip Snip, Here's Your Toy
Yuletool is a handy gadget for parents.  It is a wire and tie cutter for those very annoying wires that tie the toys into the display packages.  Just reach behind the toy and snip the wires and ties and the toy is free.
Better yet, the package is not damaged.  Usually to get at the wires to untie or twist you have to rip the package apart.  Neat people and or collectors don’t want the packaging destroyed.
Additional Features
Additional Features
One leg of Yuletool is a #1 Phillips screwdriver for toys with screws such as battery covers.
Also included is a small razor cutter for light plastic and tape.  Its small size allows for convenient storage and portability.
This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 2/14/2008