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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 5/23/2008

SuperFrog was begun by a California artist Dena Valley who offered classes through the local college outreach program. Out of these classes evolved original games that many liked better than the arts and crafts offered. In 2002 Dena began publishing games which three national wide catalog companies have been selling since.

SuperFrog is about games and having fun together. Our fortune telling game can be played solo but the rest are for four to twenty people. Most of the games are similar to bingo but with more interest such as Manager’s Specials from our Grocery Shopping game and drawing movie genres from a popcorn carton with our Saturday Matinee game. Our longest running seller Tell All is a noncompetitive game of conversation with simple questions about life such as: “Have you ever owned a red truck” or “Have you ever won a beauty contest”. Even family members can learn about each other with this game and it’s a great way to get acquainted with new neighbors.

Orders are shipped within a week of receipt

A minimum of ten games (can be mixed) per order
Madam Zora's Fortunes
Saturday Matinee
Draw one of the colored stones from the pouch, choose a number and Madam Zora will predict  your fortune.  Money, love, luck, destiny, surprises and your wish are all included.
Saturday Matinee for up to 20 people. Its 12:30 and time to head to the matinee. What’s playing? Comedy? Adventure? Draw a tab from the popcorn carton and find out. First to have a ticket for all the movies on their card wins the game.
Tell All
Grocery Shopping
Tell All, a noncompetitive game that can be played by any number of people. Questions like “Have you ever applied for a copyright?” or "Have you ever been swimming in the Great Salt Lake?”

This game encourages people to open up and tell their own stories. We all have them.
Everyone has a grocery list of five items to complete in this game. A roll of the dice determines where the miniature shopping basket will land. If the shopping basket lands on carrots and the player has that on their list, they mark it off. Managers specials keep the game interesting. Manager specials turn up from time to time such as "Produce man has gone bananas. All bananas are free today". Anyone with bananas on their list can mark it of. An easy and fun game for all.

3 to 20 players
This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 5/23/2008
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