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Rolli Rider, LLC (a wholly owned family business) was founded by a retired grandparent, a mechanical engineer/industrial designer/artist/craftsman with numerous patents who spent a career in high technology development, product design, and worldwide high volume, high quality manufacturing. After fabricating a few of these riding toys, initially for grandchildren (then their friends), popular interest for high quality nostalgic retro-style toys surfaced and suggested possible commercial interest. At the time nothing similar was available in the US market. Rolli-Riders were introduced to retail following a nine month earnest commercial development. Products were life tested and stressed to be strong enough for adults to ride. Subsequent life testing initiated (and continues today) in a Los Altos, CA nursery school under close scrutiny to establish the confidence of having a safe product. California is the home to all production and manufacturing incorporating techniques and practices while maintaining high quality and low cost. The intimate product familiarity provides the confidence to present a lifetime warranty, i.e., if it fails we'll either repair or replace!

  • No minimum order (we'll ship a single unit if requested).
  • Wholesale pricing (less shipping) will be quoted upon receipt of a copy of a valid resale certificate.
  • Retail sales maybe taxable.
  • Shipping cost will be quoted as UPS Ground or FedEx Ground unless otherwise specified.
  • Shipped units require partial, easy assembly (fork and handle bar attachment). Bolt tools and instructions are included with each unit. A Phillips Head screwdriver is customer supplied.
  • International shipments can be prepared with additional packaging. Upon defining a destination and the preferred shipping method, shipping cost can be quoted.
  • All shipments quoted FOB Cupertino, California 95014 and pre-paid unless otherwise arranged.
  • Drop shipments are charged $5 per order irregardless of order quantity.

ROLLI-RIDER, LLC primarily manufactures/wholesales products in the following categories:

Bicycles & Tricycles

21407 Krzich Place Cupertino, CA 95014
Tel: (650) 279-1216

E-mail wholesale inquiries to:




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