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Kiz Toys' innovative new products bring toys to life by integrating the growing technologies of virtual world interaction and digital games with traditional consumer-based toys. This integration allows consumers to experience Kiz Toys products in three completely unique but interconnected environments. And, the quality of gameplay and virtual interaction, ease of use, long-term product diversity and fully developed characters and story lines separate Kiz Toys from anything else on the market.

Kiz Toys' initial product line, KizMoto, starts with a traditional toy vehicle that connects with a personal computer through Kiz Toys' patent-pending KizSafe interface, allowing the child to access a virtual world where a digital avatar of the toy is created. Here kids can personalize their Moto's appearance and performance while maintaining their vehicle just like in the real world with the help of interactive educational tutorials.

At any time the vehicle can be taken into the gaming world where the user gets behind the wheel of his or her personalized Moto to race in an exciting 3D environment. Kids can also race with friends who can upload their own personalized Motos.

Along with innovation, Kiz Toys was founded on safety and education. Our patent-pending KizSafe interface allows children to access the Internet anonymously, without the threat of child predators and questionable content. And, our virtual platform presents interactive educational opportunities that are seamlessly integrated into each of our products.

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