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Baby BumbleBee® and BumbleBee Kids™ videos & DVDs are designed to provide entertaining learning experiences for Infants, Toddlers and Young Children. Our creatively designed videos and DVDs deliver truly exceptional learning value and have become favorites of children, parents and teachers.
  • Subjects covered include Early Language Development, Alphabet & Phonics, Colors, Opposites, American Sign Language, Math & Counting and much, much more!
  • Each video focuses on specific & concrete learning objectives.
  • All videos utilize paired-associative learning, a scientifically well-established teaching method.
  • A number of our videos are available in Spanish.
  • All our videos feature diverse casts of children and ctors.
  • Our Award-Winning-Products are loved and recommended by early childhood educators and speech therapists!
To learn more about Baby BumbleBee® and BumbleBee Kids™ please contact us.

Bumblebee´s 123s Videos
Vocabulary Builder Videos
BumbleBee´s 123s is a 2-volume set of videos that introduce a child to early quantitative and number concepts. The 2 volume set goes over the first 10 numbers as well as one-to-one correspondence and sequencing.

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The Award-winning Vocabulary Builder™ Series - Specialists agree that Speech and Language development are the best indicators of intellectual development in infants and toddlers. The Bee Smart Baby™ Vocabulary Builder Series builds on this premise by helping to boost a child´s speech and language development in a straight-forward, repetitive, and understandable format.

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Bumblebee´s Kids Videos
Baby Bumblebees New Videos
This 3 volume set is perfect for the child getting ready to enter kindergarten. Crazy for Colors nurtures a child´s ability to assign color to things found in our everyday world. Opposites & More explores concepts which are critical for a child´s verbal and reasoning skills by introducing 10 different pairs of opposites. Alphabet Phonics & Fun cover all the alphabet basics a child needs to know.

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Motorized Madness is an exciting way of introducing a child to the world of machines and their parts. Olivia & Otis at the Park introduces 12 new vocabulary words in an exciting story about a girl and her dog. The video also introduces the concepts of happy and sad. All About Me is Baby Bumblebee´s newest release that goes over all the important body parts a child needs to know.

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