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Created by Véronique Debroise, an internationally known perfumer and chemist, Sentosphére specializes in unique Arts & Crafts and Games made in France that enable children to explore their senses and abilities while they are playing.

With an intricately developed background and natural ability for sensory appreciation, Véronique has created a magical world of creativity and imagination, and focused a spotlight on a dying art: perfume making. SentoSphére’s mission is to encourage children’s innate curiosity and innovative play.

My Perfume Maker
Aquarellum Amazon
My Perfume Maker is a classic among educational kits. Eight natural essences or fragrances from the world’s most beautiful sources allow children seven years or older to create more than 100 different "eau de toilette." My Perfume Maker uses the highest quality fragrances available on the market, and many have found that the resulting bouquets are also very enjoyable in the bath. The kit includes a perfume guide that makes creating perfumes a fun and educational activity.

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These easy to use sets feature a distinct and unique method that makes painting by numbers obsolete. The painter has complete control. Unique embossed picture cards absorb paint in some areas and repel it in others creating intricate, detailed works of art that even the youngest children can achieve. The vibrant colors provided in these superb painting kits are extremely appealing to children, Parents describe Aquarellum as captivating and relaxing for both themselves and their Children. The Aquarellum have three boards and 9 washable inks to create 1000's of exciting color combinations!

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Crystal Flowers
Follow Your Nose
With this kit, create 8 sparkling, transparent flowers using liquid stain glass paint. Bend the frame rods into petal shapes and place them in the mold. Squeeze the paint color of your choice into the mold and wait 2 to 3 hours for the paint to dry. Assemble the petals and complete the flowers with pistils made from the "Patarev" supplied. A great kit for young girls who love decorating their room.

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Its remarkable aromas provide both adults and children six years or older with an extraordinary opportunity to explore and discover the world via an amazing new dimension. Here is a simple game which fascinates children and adults in the discovery of our least used, yet most acute, sense; the sense of smell. It includes 30 distinct aroma diffusers enclosed in child resistant scent flasks which need to be matched with the corresponding image found on five brightly illustrated game boards. The fragrance

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2252 NW 53rd St
Boca Raton, FL 33496
Ph: 561-400-8729

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