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Our most popular children’s kite has a new twist! This easy-to-fly octopus requires no assembly and is now available in a radiant tie-dye design. Opie is crafted with a durable ripstop polyester sail and fiberglass frame. Kids love the eight, six-foot long moving tentacle tails and googly eyes. Now available in six colors: #54033 Tie-Dye (pictured), #54042 Red, #54039 Blue, # 54028 Orange, #54038 Green and #54040 Pink. Includes flying line and winder.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 10389      (added 12/4/2006)

Amazing! New Tech Kite's sublimation butterfly kites have brilliant colors that look true to nature. The split wing design intensifies the effect and provides for a very easy-to-fly kite the whole family will enjoy. Crafted with durable ripstop polyester and fiberglass frame. Available in four designs: #54111 Monarch, #54112 Red Forest, #54113 Swallowtail, #54114 Karner Blue (pictured).
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 10388      (added 12/4/2006)

The Air-YO is a unique tethered flying object. Flyers can direct every glide, hover and orbit of the Air-YO using the Control Rod, and can play alone, or, with extra Control Rods, connect as many as three people to one Air-YO at the same time for a game of "Anti-catch." Endless action, tricks and multi-player games make the Air-YO highly addictive fun both indoors and out. The product is made with durable ripstop nylon and has a graphite frame. It is available in three sail patterns: Birdy, Iris and Twisty.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 10387      (added 12/4/2006)

Age Range: 12 and up
Category: Kites

This giant single-line design is beautifully rendered in durable rip-stop nylon with super-strong, interlocking stitching. The kite includes two 25' rip-stop nylon tails in complementing colors.  With a strong fiberglass frame, it also comes with a plastic flying handle and 80-pound line, the whole thing packaged in a reusable vinyl case.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 9573      (added 10/4/2006)

Age Range: 10 and up
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Kites

XTreme Wings Hi-Performance FiberFoam Gliders feature no-brainer assembly. They do stunts in zero wind and come in a green-and-black Skulls design, red-and-black Dragon design, and a Flame motif.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 9538      (added 10/3/2006)

Age Range: 6 and up
Category: Kites

Sometimes big fun comes in small packages. That’s the case with the Skull & Crossbones Fun Flyer. Take it outside to fly on a breezy day or use it as an indoor decoration. Either way, it’ll put a smile on someone’s face with the joy of flight.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 9537      (added 10/3/2006)

Age Range: 10 and up
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Kites

Always fun, even in 3 mph winds, the Beetle is an unusually forgiving flier for a stunt kite; it self-recovers from dives better than other kites. Virtually indestructible, it's made of ripstop nylon (and Mylar laminate on the Rainbow) with graphite rods. It measures 4'-9" x 2'-7".  It’s ready to fly with 80'  75-lb. polyester lines on handles.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 9536      (added 10/3/2006)

Age Range: 8 and up
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Kites

This beautifully appliquéd ladybug is a favorite with all ages. It’s a great flyer with a simple and elegant design. Kids can watch it flutter in the breeze from 6 to 20 miles per hour.  Measuring 24” by 34”, it’s made of ripstop nylon and is a single-line kite.  Chris Shultz, general manager for NewTech told TDmonthly that these were “excellent sellers with more detail, leaning toward girls.”  He also pointed out there was a Super Sled Ladybug that is smaller and has a lower price-point ($4.00) that is a great first kite for the 5 and ups.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 9535      (added 10/3/2006)

Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Kites

Kids can set sail in the skies with this easy-to-fly Superflyer kite from Go Fly a Kite. Constructed of durable ripstop nylon and a tough fiberglass frame, this kite is built to provide an endless number of fun summer days. The Jolly Roger is one of several different themed appliqués and prints offered on the Superflyer. Complete with flight line on a handle and a stabilizing tail, the Superflyer is a breeze to assemble and aerodynamically the easiest kite to fly.
— “We carry kites on two levels: for those that just want to fly a kite and those that want a challenge. Go Fly a Kite does the best job for all levels,” said Jeri Dorsey, buyer for Kaboodle LLC in Carmel, Ind.
— “Our newest kite is the Jolly Roger. Pirate themes are hot and we try to stay with hot themes. It’s been one of our top sellers this year,” said Jim Christianson, vice president of Go Fly a Kite. “The Superflyer’s got everything you need for a great day of flying. It’s pretty much guaranteed success for any age, any skill level.”
— Kites are strong sellers at Amazing Toys in Great Falls, Mont. “Adults will buy one for the kids and one for themselves,” Owner David Campbell told TDmonthly.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 8424      (added 6/27/2006)

The WINDCOPTER is sold in an attractive box. This unit is sold throughout Europe and this packaging is not avaiable in the USA. This model also comes with foam floats, which are handy when you fly off the back of your boat!

Links to Video Demo
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 3337      (added 4/4/2005)

Basic contents of each package include the following:

One main fuselage
Two metal spokes for landing legs
Two rotors
One rotor connector
One 200´ roll of flying twine
One string connector clip
Two rubber caps for the end of spokes
One set of decals
One instruction sheet
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 3336      (added 4/4/2005)

Age Range: 8 and up
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category: Outdoor Fun

This totally wind-powered kite that looks and flies like a real helicopter is a mainstay product in the "kite" category and thrills and excites aviation lovers of all ages with its science-oriented, fun-to-fly, simply fascinating flight. Using only the wind as a power source, the rotors create the lift that carries the helicopter into the air.  The copter will hover or do touch-and-go landings, and can perform 360-degree spins and barrel rolls once the pilot has a few hours of practice.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 3335      (added 4/4/2005)

Wholesale Price: (Log in to view)

Is it a kite or a chopper? The answer is both. Rotors atop this lightweight helicopter spin and lift the kite when the wind blows. A kite string attached to the chopper allows a user to guide the craft as it wrestles with the wind.
ToyDirectory Product ID#: 3309      (added 3/28/2005)
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