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December 2004 | Vol. III - No. 12

Videos and DVDs--Industry Analysts Predict Record-Breaking Revenue for This Holiday Season

By Penelope Blair
December 2004

The video and DVD market saw double-digit revenues last year. DVDs boosted video sales by 37%, a total of $22.5 billion was spent including combined DVD/VHS sales and rental revenue according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Industry analysts predict record-breaking revenue for this holiday season. “Shrek 2” is the mega star of 2004, reports E! Online New, selling a record $185 million in its first three days. The annual growth rate of revenue for DVDs generated by home video divisions of major Hollywood studios has skyrocketed.

Since the launch of the DVD format in 1997, home video sales have increased 300%. Currently, “Finding Nemo” still ranks as the number one selling DVD of all time. This season promises even more magic, creating new favorites for families to love.

Although there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, The Alphabets video by Galloping Minds (Gift Guide) displays more than 120 objects with uppercase and lowercase letters, spellings and vivid animations. Older kids learn the alphabets, words and spellings, while younger ones are exposed to a number of objects. Kids of all ages enjoy the light classical music. Kids are delighted at the animations interspersed with shots of live animals and are engrossed in the video throughout.

Young ones will be tickled pink with the Baby Basketball and Baby Baseball DVDs from Tiny Tot Sports (Gift Guide), as they learn about the importance of friendship and teamwork, igniting an early interest in sports. Toddlers will be stimulated through a series of colorful shapes and entertained by toddler interactions, balls and characters that are captivating and fun.

Adventures of Wink and Blink, “A Day in the Life of a Garbage Truck” by Laurel Hill Ent. (Gift Guide), is the first in a series of award-wining educational videos. Created with the help of teachers, parents and kids, Wink and Blink engages children of all ages on a whimsical journey of information and inspiration.

Kids will have a ball with Yoga Kids 2 ABCs for ages 3-6 by Gaiam, Inc. (Gift Guide), as they stretch, bend and reach with their friends Jabberwocky Jellyfish, the Volcano, the Moo-Meow and others! From Alligator to Zebra, this delightful program uses the alphabet to guide kids through 26 playful kid-style poses, movements and games inspired by animals, flowers and other familiar icons kids love. It teaches yoga fundamentals, builds physical fitness and self-confidence, and challenges coordination and imagination.

No need for kids to take a “time out” with Gaiam, Inc.’s Yoga Kids 3 Silly to Calm for ages 3 to 6. This video understands that kids have boundless energy and harnesses it into constructive, character building fitness playtime. It helps kids express, release and refocus excess energy, teaches lifelong tools for refocusing mindset and mood, and builds physical fitness at the same time.



Innovative company Baby Bumblebees (Gift Guide) offers a series of videos to help little one get ready for the world around them. Bumblebees 123s introduces a child to uncomplicated and easy early quantitative and number concepts. The two-volume set goes over the first 10 numbers as well as one-to-one correspondence and sequencing.

Motorized Madness offers a child a lively glimpse into the world of machines and their parts. Olivia and Otis at the Park is a lighthearted story about a girl and her dog. As the story unfolds, a child is introduced to 12 new vocabulary words. It’s time for kindergarten and Bumblebees Kids Videos is ready with a three-volume set to help tiny tots get prepared. Colorful and cheery, Bumblebees Videos will have children buzzing about learning!

Baby Power! Brain Power! Your darling will have both with a Brainy Baby Video by the Brainy Baby Company (Gift Guide), pioneers of infant educational videos. Babies and toddlers will be captivated by Brainy Baby Peek a Boo. Learning and laughter go hand in hand with Brainy Baby Laugh and Learn Video. Check out other Brainy Baby Videos, a line of excellent products for baby brain development.

Children sing along and cheer with Sharon, Lois and Bram’s ABC Fun as they rhyme their way through each letter of the alphabet. This upbeat video by Casablanca Kids (Gift Guide) combines live in concert footage with engaging animation. Ready for a solo? Choose the audio-only option and kids can sing on their own for family and friends! As an added feature the video includes a photo gallery for those who would like to know a little bit more about each individual artists.

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