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January 2006 | Vol. V - No. 1

Techno-Fashion Puts the Zing in Bling

LED Lights Make Plastic Jewelry Happening

By TDmonthly Staff
January 2006

All that glitters is not gold; these days it’s more likely to be LED. Light emitting diodes (LED) make it possible to have jewelry that twinkles, pulses, even spells out your name in a variety of colors. Most of the pieces work using replaceable 3-volt batteries.

Although many retailers associate LED fashions and accessories with young adults found in the “club scene,” Carolyn Forsman of Carolyn Forsman Conversational Jewelry Pieces believes they are overlooking an enthusiastic younger audience.

“Kids have always loved sparkle. The fascination has been there since things as low-tech as kaleidoscopes … it’s magic,” she explained. One of her best-selling items for younger customers is the Rainbow Necklace that emits a variety of different colors. “Now technology lets you do things you couldn’t do five years ago. Years ago everything was red, green, yellow because that’s where the technology was. Then different wavelengths became available — blue, white, purple. Just keep waiting and everything under the sun will be available.”

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