July 5, 2022

TDmonthly Magazine

February 2006 | Vol. V - No. 2

Sudoku Craze Continues

U.S. Consumers Catch European Sudoku Frenzy

By TDmonthly Staff
February 2006

The popular number puzzle, Sudoku, that has experienced widespread popularity in Europe, has made its way to the United States. With it comes the onslaught of a number of electronic games that allow users to play without wasting paper.

Sam Marcos, buyer for, a division of Bullseye Media Inc. in Kansas City, Mo., said the electronic games his company imports currently don’t have a brand name.

“There are several varieties with different chips and different features that influence what the puzzles can do, and therefore influence what the customers choose,” Marcos said. “Those with more features and higher resolution screens are the most liked by customers.”

However, the games are too new to determine which one is the most popular, he said. “It’s just catching on here, and as the Sudoku puzzles appear in more newspapers, these games become more popular.”

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