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TDmonthly Magazine

January 2007 | Vol. VI - No. 1

Grab Attention Without Squeezing Your Wallet

Brainpower and Creativity Are Your Best (and Cheapest) Resources

By Stephane Babcock
January 2007

“Companies should create products that can become great stories for people to share.” Jim McCafferty, JMP Creative
TDmonthly Magazine spoke with two experts to find out how manufacturers can make their products stand out, even on a small budget.

“Companies should create products that become great stories for people to share,” advised Jim McCafferty, president and CEO of JMP Creative, a promotional marketing company.

“It’s easier for a smaller company to take risks [and] try something that might not have been done before in its own industry,” commented Jonathan Margolis, a partner and co-founder of the michael alan group, which uses nontraditional “guerilla” marketing.

Here are some of the techniques McCafferty and Margolis suggested for improving product and marketing ideas:

Brainstorm Better

“Keep the good ideas and later you can skip the crazy,” advised McCafferty. “Keep in mind, sometimes the crazy can be an amazing idea in disguise.”

Get the Word Out

Make It Personal

Try Something Else

In the end, your budget decides how far to take a product.

“Additional funds allow you to produce distribution materials, create a presence at events, and hire a PR firm,” said Margolis. “[The answer to] whether or not these forms of alternative marketing will continue to proliferate depends on whom you ask. Our feeling is that brands will use what works, and if what they’re doing doesn’t work, they’ll find something else that does.”

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