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August 2009 | Vol. VIII - No. 8

My Funniest Toy Store Stories

Tales From the Front Line, Told by You

By Alison Marek
August 2009

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Here are this month’s toy store stories, told by retailers just like you:

Don’t Let Me Out!
By Patricia Fiedler, owner of Child's Play/Green Frog Toys, Portland, Ore.

While driving in the town’s parade one year, you can imagine our embarrassment when we were stopped by one of the parade officials. He informed us that an 11-year-old boy was locked in our toy store. The boy had wandered into our store unnoticed while we were blowing up balloons and preparing our parade entry.

Switching Tracks
By Jennifer Wyatt, marketing coordinator of Totally Thomas Toy Depot, San Diego, Calif.

One little boy came in, super happy and excited because he was going to buy some Thomas trains. But the next second, he burst into tears because he only had enough money for one, and couldn't decide because he liked them all! It was an instant personality change! Classic.

By Fred Rosenberg, owner of On the Park, Kingwood, Texas

It’s often difficult to get kids to leave our store. One day, a little 3-year-old girl refused to leave the store. Her grandmother said, “I can’t get her out!” Then she had an idea. She went over to the area where the little girl was playing and said, “I’m going across the street to get some ice cream!” The little girl looked up at her and said, “Let me know when you get back.”

Almost every day, something like that happens.

High Expectations
By Patricia Fiedler, owner of Child's Play/Green Frog Toys, Portland, Ore.

A customer returned a star-shaped bubble wand because she couldn't make star-shaped bubbles; she could only make round bubbles.

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