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February 2004 | Vol. III - No. 2

Simple Steps for Preventing Retail Theft

By Tim Connolly
February 2004

Inventory shrinkage is a problem for any retail operation, be it an upstart or a Wal-mart.  Lazy bookkeeping can be to blame, but more often it’s because some people in your store—customers or employees—have been invoking the well-known “five-finger discount.”  The following are some simple steps to make sure your shelves match your receipts.


Make Shoplifters Think Twice

Short of barring certain movie stars from your store, there are numerous steps a retailer can take to create an environment that´s unattractive to shoplifters—without alienating the honest customers who pay your bills.


Keep Employees Honest

Even the best employees can be tempted to help themselves to a freebie now and then.  It is management’s challenge to remove that temptation without creating a “lock-down” environment that’s destructive to employee relations.


Make it a Team Effort

Your employees’ attitude about their workplace will depend largely upon whether they feel they are being treated fairly by management. 


The information for this article was provided by The Peter Berlin Report on Shrinkage Control—Store Manager’s Edition.  The Peter Berlin Retail Consulting Group Inc., 380 N. Broadway, Jericho, NY 11753.  Telephone: 516-932-0450

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