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October 2014 | Vol. XIII - No. 10

Specialty Toy Review: Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano

By Jenn Bare
October 2014

"Awesome" – that's the word my 6 year old daughter Bali gave me when I asked her to describe the Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano in one word.  My description? Entertaining, educational, and fun for the whole family! Not only have I enjoyed seeing (and hearing) my daughter tinker around on this fantastic little instrument – I've had fun playing with it too!

While Bali is still in the stages of perfecting her own rendition of "Maverick Drew, How Do You Do?" (an original ode to her 9 month old baby brother) she's enjoying learning how to play favorite classics like Happy Birthday, London Bridge, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The booklet that came with the piano is a clever accompaniment to help kids learn music notes in addition to well-known songs. It's the perfect kid-friendly companion – colorful and bright with big print. The booklet includes a "play by color" teaching method that matches with a small removable chart for the piano keys so that kids can easily learn songs and build confidence quickly.

We have had the piano for about a month now and it's been enjoyable to see Bali's progression. She loves to sing and dance and the piano has been a fun addition to the playroom and her musical toys. Her only complaint is that she's not allowed to play it when baby Maverick is sleeping. :) Give it a few years and I can see these two as a duo…playing the piano, singing and making up their own songs. With the quality and craftsmanship of this piano, I'm sure it will be in our household for a long time.

You can find the Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano at your local toy store.

PS: The first thing Bali wanted to do after dance last night was play the piano. Here she is singing a song about her baby brother. Enjoy!

SchoenhutŪ 30-Key Fancy Baby Grand by SCHOENHUT PIANO COMPANY

SchoenhutŪ 30-Key Fancy Baby Grand by SCHOENHUT PIANO COMPANYSchoenhut's Fancy Baby Grand is beautifully designed with curved legs and an elegant style, yet extremely durable and sturdy. This piano is a great way to introduce a child to basic keyboard skills and musical concepts. Lovely chime-like tones are created by small hammers striking metal rods, the sound that makes Schoenhut toy pianos unique. The two and one-half octave span of full-width keys provides a good foundation for the transition to a larger model. Includes: Schoenhut's Learning System and bench. 12/6/2004 (MSRP: $116.85; Age: 3 and Up)

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