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August 2020 | Vol. XIX - No. 8

The American Science and Technology Education Association released an upgrade to their  STEM Level T

By Laura N. Larsson
August 2020

AmSTEA (The American Science and Technology Education Association) released an upgrade to their Free STEM / STEAM Level Test for the NSTA STEM20 Conference. This test is available here; Free STEM / STEAM Level Test

"The AmSTEA Free STEM / STEAM Level Test is a valuable measure of teacher, student, and workforce Basic STEAM Literacy (BSL)." AmSTEA's Free STEM / STEAM Level Test is based on the AmSTEA STEAM20 Standard. This is a comprehensive Integrated STEAM standard for educators and students to orient and focus their STEM / STEAM learning efforts. AmSTEA created this important standard, and the AMSCETS Free Level Test and Paid Certification Exams to check and certify progress towards a wide working knowledge of STEM / STEAM.

In addition, AmSTEA in partnership with TreasureBeam, Inc. announces TreasureBeam's new product Pocarews™: The Point Card Reward System on, and the link between kids earning point cards in the Pocarews system and getting STEM / STEAM toys and equipment. Pocarews™ helps America's 50 million school age kids build good habits. 

TreasureBeam is leading practical training and education into the future with this new parenting product. Pocarews™ is part of a system developed for children 4 to 12 years old. Parents, teachers schools, educators, and after school programs can all use it, and through it connect to the world of STEM / STEAM learning. Kids earn Pocarews™ point card rewards for good behavior and achievement and can get discounts on selected STEM / STEAM toys and equipment with their rewards.

Will Crampton has had a long career managing training businesses and  schools in the USA and throughout Asia and is an expert on education for  the workforce of tomorrow. Over 3 million students have learned from  materials written by him, in book, online, and mobile device formats.

Mr.  Crampton is President of AmSTEA (The American Science and Technology  Education Association; a 501(c)(3) STEM / STEAM focused non-profit)  dedicated to "Basic STEAM Literacy for All." AmSTEA recently released  the STEAM20 standard for STEAM education, the AMSCETS (AmSTEA STEAM  Certification Exam for Teachers and Students), and a free STEM / STEAM  level test to help teachers and students learn practical STEM / STEAM  knowledge and skills for their future.

Mr. Crampton is also CEO  of TreasureBeam, Inc. TreasureBeam produced the Pocarews™ system, and  just published Pocarews™ : The Point Card Reward System companion book  "Rewarding Good Habits for Successful Kids" to the Pocarews card sets. 

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