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December 2020 | Vol. XIX - No. 12

Toys In The News 01/04/2021

By Myriam Rmeily
December 2020

Liquid Death Made Mutilated Plush Toys to Warn of Ocean Plastic (01/04/2021)


In collaboration with creative agency Callen, Liquid Death created a new line of plush toys called Cutie Polluties, and it’s a pretty obvious oxymoron. While the toys do look cute indeed, there is also a visible distress in their design, specifically intended to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. 



K11 Art Mall Reveals Art Toys by Jason Freeny, Including Anatomized Cookie Monster, Astro Boy, and More (01/04/2021)

As visitors make their way into the experience store at K11 Art Mall atrium, they’re instantly greeted by the anatomized XXRAY Cookie Monster sculpture standing next to the three-meter tall XXRAY Elmo (Snow Edition). To the creative brain behind the anatomical characters, Jason Freeny, we say: WE SALUTE YOU! 

‘We Always Say we Want Kids to Read at Home. Well, I Thought, They’re Home.’ (01/04/2021)

It has been especially hard during this pandemic for kids with English as their second language. But with a little help from their teacher, who was thoughtful enough to not let this year slip by without her students getting the help they deserved, the kids immersed themselves in a world of books they could relate to, and have learned something indeed. 


Charge Up for Double VIP Points on this LEGO NINJAGO 2021 Set (01/04/2021)


The 599-piece set normally returns 360 VIP points at full price, but ordering it in January will net you 720 VIP points – just 80 away from a £5 discount voucher. That’s equivalent to 10% cashback in points to spend on future purchases, which is a pretty good offer on such a new set. 




These Vintage Toys Could be Worth Millions - Including Barbie Dolls and Disney VHS Tapes (01/04/2021) 

Trading Cards, Comic Books, Beanie Babies, Barbies, Toys Cars, Board Games, and Disney VHS tapes. If you have them, KEEP THEM. Because while many may scramble to get the latest console or a brand new Lego set, the most valuable toys may actually be those that have been sitting in your storage since childhood. 


Disney Plus Reveals First Titles For International Star Brand: ‘Big Sky’, ‘Love Victor’, ’24’, ‘Die Hard’ Among Lineup (01/04/2021)


Disney Plus in Europe has revealed the first titles to launch next month on its Star brand. Disney says the Star lineup will double the amount of content available to watch on Disney+ overseas, including shows and films from Disney Television Studios, FX, 20th Century Studios and 20th Television. 




Re-Imagineered Epcot, Avengers Campus and more on the way to Disney parks (01/04/2021)


Massive barges will be used as staging platforms from which to launch pyrotechnics, illuminate fountains, blast lasers and trigger all kinds of other effects for Epcot‘s new nighttime show, “Harmonious.” Delayed from 2020, it’s likely the presentation will debut in 2021. 



Higher Hemoglobin Threshold Does not Improve Outcomes in Preterm Infants (01/04/2021)

A National Institutes of Health-funded study suggests that providing a higher threshold of red cells within clinically accepted limits (i.e., using a higher level of red blood cells when ordering a transfusion) offers no advantage in survival or reduction in neurological impairment over a lower threshold. And we thought you should know that. 



EU Project Targets Safe Food for Infants (01/04/2021)

The hope is to discover any unexpected contaminants by predictive toxicology and improve risk-based food safety management of biohazards by omics and predictive microbiology. The end result should be a decision support system designed to enhance safety control along the food chain. The project is expected to run until the end of August 2024. 

Yorktown Man is Making Free Desks for Kids to Use at Home, During Virtual Learning (01/03/2021)

The desks are provided at no cost to families, so Mike Arndt needs the community's help to keep the initiative going. To donate money to help make desks, Arndt asks that you use PayPal to send money to

Ms. Marvel Becomes Spider-Man in New Exclusive Marvel Legends Figure (01/03/2021)

This annual kit will give comic collectors access to thousands of digital comics with additions every week. However, Marvel Legends fans are getting something special this time as they will also be getting an exclusive figure. Whether you’re a geek or a comic buff, these news will keep you at the edge of your seat! 

LEGO Minifigures Series 21 Now Available With 12 Unique Characters (01/03/2021)


These hit blind bags contain 12 amazingly detailed LEGO miniature mini figures that will easily enhance any builder's collection. Each mini figure is packed with fun detail and will come with accessories that give collectors exactly what they need to add them to their own LEGO world. 



Today’s Parents May be Shortchanging Tomorrow’s Kids (01/02/2021)


Whether you’re a single parent who never got married, or one who got divorced, and despite doing the best job possible with your kids, some ramifications that can impact your kid negatively have been thoroughly studied and investigated for years now, and here are the latest findings. 

The Brothers Brick Ultimate Guide to More than 100+ New LEGO Sets for 2021 (01/02/2021)


Here’s a compiled mega-list of everything that is slated to be released this month in January 2021 onwards and will be available in LEGO Stores. Scroll down this list and ready yourself to be impressed with each and every one of these magnificent sets. We know we were! 




Masters of the Universe Figures Receive General Release from Mattel (01/01/2021)


Each of these figures recreates the classic 1980's figures but with better sculpts, articulation, accessories, and more. From classic Masters of the Universe rides like Panthor and BattleCat to iconic heroes and villains like Scare Glow and Ram Man, this line is packed with nostalgia. 

Mattel: The Turnaround Is Here (12/31/2020)

A few months ago, looking at Mattel's stock price was dizzying. It looked like the typical chart of a zombie company that keeps diluting its shares to stay afloat in some way, waiting for some miracle to happen. Today, the picture is rapidly changing. Here’s a detailed report on the whys and the hows. 

Hasbro (HAS) Down 11% YTD: Can the Stock Revive in 2021? (12/31/2020) 


Hasbro, Inc. HAS has been reeling under sluggish performance on account of continued uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Hasbro continues to focus on adapting plans to deliver a robust line-up of entertainment and innovation from E1 and its partners in 2021. 


Hasbro’s 27-Inch Transformers: War For Cybertron Unicron Comes In Massive Shipping Box (12/31/2020) 

In Hasbro’s previous update, they shared that the Cybertron Unicron will be shipped in a box that measures 26-inches across all dimensions. Now, we finally have more news on the steps Hasbro will be taking to ensure that the Unicron reaches the customer’s hands in one piece. 



Some Wisconsin STEM College Students Feel Left Behind by Remote Learning (12/31/2020) 


Dean of the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology John Katers does not believe students should sit out a semester or a year waiting for the return of in-person classes. And that is also because students themselves have grown tired of it. 

Our 2nd Annual STEM Writing Contest (12/23/2020)


Interested students ages between 11 and 19 are invited to choose an issue or question in science, technology, engineering, math or health, then write an engaging 500-word explanation. All information needed is available in this article. 

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