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May 2004 | Vol. III - No. 5

Review: Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP

By Andrew Windchanz
May 2004

A new generation of fun-seekers is energized by the latest offering of portable entertainment from Nintendo. The Game Boy Advance SP, the next generation upgrade of the popular Game Boy Advance System is light-years ahead of the original ground-breaking handheld, Game Boy originally released in the late eighties.

Since the release of the Game Boy system in 1989, Nintendo has sold more then 160 million units to a hungry public looking for mobile entertainment at a good price. Now Nintendo has made another quantum leap forward in portable gaming with the Game Boy Advance SP. This deluxe game system is built on the Game boy Advance platform but is enhanced to answer some of the shortfalls of its predecessor.

The new compact clamshell design is ideal for mobile playing and the unit comes in a variety of sleek metallic colors for every personality. Our onyx (black) test unit is the standard retail release but packs a powerful punch. With a fully lit screen and an amazing 18 hour rechargeable battery the SP system is the hands down leader for the industry. There is no shortage of titles thanks to the fact that the unit will play all current GamBoy titles plus the Game Boy Color and the Original Game Boy games.

With all the advances Nintendo offers with this new unit there is one feature that may disappoint the average user. The new SP model does not support a standard stereo headset so users will need to purchase a separate adapter from Nintendo ($4.95) to play in silence. The move into proprietary accessories (originally embraced by Sony) has been adopted in this new unit and almost all added accessories are manufactured and distributed exclusively by Nintendo Corp.

On the whole Nintendo has hit a homerun with the new Game Boy SP system. It’s a small, powerful system that delivers economical fun for hours. On the road or in the back yard this will be a popular favorite for kids of all ages. Even adults will find the compact size a perfect fit for a quick lunchtime visit with Mario and Luigi in Super Mario World.

TDmonthly Rates the Game Boy Advance SP: A-


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